Notable Daily Art Sales (in the COVID-19 Era)

Fine art and photography is still selling every day, despite the pandemic (just scroll down to see it).

We will be updating this page every 1-2 days to share the success stories -- so you can see what is selling, who is selling it, how they are doing it, and what these photographers and artists are saying about these wins!

Scroll down and enjoy πŸ‘‡

 APRIL 5, 2020

 APRIL 4, 2020

 APRIL 3, 2020

 APRIL 2, 2020

 APRIL 1, 2020

How are they doing it?

It's simple: artists and photographers that are adapting to the times and getting a little creative are finding themselves not only able to continue selling their work, but able to reach audiences they never could have before.

Here's a mind-blowing realization:

For the first time in history, 100% of the art market is online.

All of it. Every art sale is being processed through websites. As a result, many traditional limitations are off...

Sell Western-focused art but live on the east coast?

You just gained access to TONS of new buyers in the West that will no longer be shopping at their local galleries but online - where you have just as good a chance as anyone.

Even if the overall art market has slowed by 50%, the online art market has increased so dramatically that many photographers and artists are in a better place for it.

So - the opportunity is there. All you need is a strategy to leverage it.

That's where we come in.

Right now, while others are suggesting art doesn't sell anymore, our members are:

  • Following our Art Marketing Calendar to keep up with what they should be doing each day of the year to grow their businesses. 
  • Making full use of our Pandemic Response Kit, which is constantly updated with new language, templates, ideas, and resources.
  • Attending art business consulting sessions with our team every Tuesday and Thursday to ask questions and get guidance on their particular situation.

Combined, it's easy to see why Art Storefronts members outsell typical artists β€“ pandemic or not, recession or not.

 MARCH 31, 2020

 MARCH 30, 2020

We are lowering membership rates for Art Storefronts

At least for this period of the pandemic.

We're also adding a bunch of free time for anyone who joins right now, so you aren't paying for the time the country is shut down - and then some.

Why? Because it will benefit both of our businesses, and we want to give an extra reward to anyone who decides to join right now. (by the way, you should be doing the same with your own business – more on that later)

The bottom line is β€” if you buy anything right now, you should get a phenomenal deal on it. 

 MARCH 27, 2020

 MARCH 26, 2020

 MARCH 25, 2020

 MARCH 24, 2020

 MARCH 23, 2020

 MARCH 21, 2020

 MARCH 20, 2020

These are not famous photographers or artists, they are just the ones who are proactively adapting to the times to keep their businesses going.


First things first – you had better make sure you are properly set up for it.

That means 1) a proper art gallery website and 2) an art marketing strategy that's designed specifically for the pandemic.

Request a demo to learn more about what you'll be able to achieve with Art Storefronts on your side.​

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