How to Add a Cropping Goal in GA

A Cropping Goal in Google Analytics defined, why you need one, and how to install it on your ASF site.

First things first, what is a cropping goal?

If you are using the upload to print tool on your ASF site a cropping goal refers to recording a goal completion when a user uploads an image to your site.


They landed on the upload page, they uploaded an image and they clicked continue to the next step. They accomplish that and the cropping goal records a completion.

Why you need one

With this goal installed you will be able to measure in google analytics how many visitors reach your upload page and then completed the action.

This is key information to have for a number of reasons.

Can you answer these questions?

  • Is the upload to print tool clear on my site?
  • Are you users getting confused, do you perhaps need to add language, or remove language?
  • How many customers are uploading and not ordering?

How to install the cropping goal in Google Analytics

If you are reading this post and you have yet to install Google Analytics (GA) then read

How to Install Google Analytics.

In another previous post — How to Add Google Analytics Goals to your Art Storefronts Site — we outlined how to setup your first two goals in GA which are the Added to Cart Goal and Checkout Goal.

What will follow below are step by step instructions on how to install a Cropping Goal in GA.

  1. Login in to GA
  2. Locate your view you want to install the goal on – All Web Site Data in most cases.

  3. On the top nav bar click Admin


  4. Right hand column locate and click on goals


  5. Click on the big red button +New Goal
  6. On Goal setup chose Custom which is the bottom option


  7. Title the goal Reached Cropping Page”, select destion under type, and click next step


  8. Under destination select “regular expression” from the drop down menu, type “crop” into the destination text field. Hit verify goal, if your site has received an upload in the last seven days it will let you know how many times the goal has been completed. If your site is new it won’t register anything (which is ok) then click create goal.


You are now in business. Going forward GA will record a conversion each time someone uploads an image and proceeds to the cropping page.

Looking for next steps?


Checkout the cropping goal in action in a case study.

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Jim Sink says

Thank you for adding this post. It would be really helpful if you could expand the Completed Checkout goal tutorial to also track the shopping cart value. That would allow us to link the GA results with Adwords so we can track the ROI of our ads. Keep up the good work!

Art Storefronts says

Hey Jim. Thanks for the comment. Its on the roadmap. We are working towards being able to enable e-commerce tracking soon. In the meantime I aim to blog about every analytic related trick I have in my arsenal.

Case Study #01 - Testimonials Increase Conversion Rates says

[…] Don’t have that goal setup? Its ok. We have a post detailing how to do it here. […]

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