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build an audience video screencap

Artists: To Build an Audience You Must Provide A Romantic Website Experience

From understanding site visitor behavior to using “above the fold” space to boost conversions, learn how to build an audience by providing a romantic website experience.

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SEO for artists

SEO for Artists – The Importance of Keyword Research Before SEO Implementation

The crucial step of researching your SEO keywords before picking them, research tricks, and a video walkthrough on using Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

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art marketing strategy

The ASF Weekly Marketing Playbook for Artists

Three simple & quick romantic marketing tasks every artist should be doing every week, real world examples from a photographer, and video instruction for implementing each task.

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installing facebook pixel

Installing and Using the Facebook Pixel to Build a Remarketing Audience

Learn how to install the Facebook pixel on your site to begin building a remarketing audience, plus advanced conversion event techniques.

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image slider vs. image gallery

Image Sliders vs Image Galleries. Which should you run and why.

What should your homepage look like? How to decide and measure the results with bounce rate, plus an advanced tactic for those with traffic.

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marketing audit

How to Conduct a Marketing Audit on a Printing Company’s Website

How to properly run a marketing audit on your printing company’s website to determine which traffic channels are working for you, which are not, and how to prioritize your efforts to improve your traffic and conversions.

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generate organic traffic

Importance of Organic Search for Art & Photo Printing Companies

How art and photo printing companies can generate organic traffic with some easy to implement site optimization tips, and how to find out how much traffic and sales you’re getting from search engines.

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Targeted Landing Pages

SEO Lesson 2 – Targeted Landing Pages

A guide to creating targeted landing pages with Art Storefronts to expand your reach on Google search results and increase your organic traffic.

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SEO Lesson 1 – Analytics Data Reveals Opportunity

How to view your site analytics on Art Storefronts and what to do with that information – plus how to grow organic traffic with AdWords.

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Copywriting Audit

A Copywriting Audit – In-Depth Breakdown of an Artist’s Website

An art website copywriting audit, basic web copy tweaks that will help you get better results and convert more browsers into buyers.

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