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How To Copyright Your Artwork

How To Copyright Your Artwork 

When it comes to art, it is not only a part of you in terms of your creativity and your soul, but it is something that you want to share with the world – but of course, as an investment.  To protect such an investment from all of your hard work, the last thing you […]

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Copywriting for Artists: What to Write for Your Home Page and Category Pages

A professional copywriter’s advice on how to make the most of the text on your home page and category pages.

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artist copywriting audits

3 Copywriting Audit Videos for Artists – Writing the Perfect Home Page, Store Page, and Bio

Pro copywriter Kimberly Houston lends her expertise in this series of three copywriting audits for artists – how to write a strong home page, bio, and more.

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art marketing calendar

[Art Marketing Calendar] Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Guide for Artists

Everything you need to run your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign, including: how many emails to send, when to send the emails, and what to write for subject lines and body copy.

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selling your art online

3 Fundamental Rules to Sell Art Online

Why people like to “buy” and not “be sold”, three rules to learn before attempting to sell art online, and how to use them to tempt art buyers’ emotions and validate their decision to make a purchase.

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How to Sell Your Art with Creative Newsletter Content

Keeping your audience engaged through your marketing emails, how often you should email, and some ideas on what to write about to sell your art with your newsletter.

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Writing with Personality

Copywriting with Personality: How to Set Your Artist Website Apart Online

How to convey warmth and approachability on your art website to make your work more memorable, plus we look at several examples of effective copywriting with personality.

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How to Write a Headline that Sells Art Online.

Headlines that sell more art, what they look like and how important they are, and a number of different tips/hacks to improve yours.

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Unique selling proposition

How To Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) In An Oversaturated Market

To stand out from the crowd as an artist, you have to first identify what makes you different – how to do that, and examples of unique selling propositions.

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web copy tips

Are You Using Client-Focused Web Copy to Attract Your Ideal Art Buyers?

The problem with letting your images speak for themselves, defining your ideal customer, and how to connect with them using client-focused web copy.

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