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Mathieu Laca's online store and Instagram page are visible in this cover image.

[Case Study] How Instagram Ads Resulted in a 688% Increase in Traffic

More…How one artist leveraged his popular Instagram posts as ads, gaining over 3,000 new followers and driving 688% more traffic to his site in the process.More… Today’s case study is on Mathieu Laca – a contemporary portrait painter from Quebec, Canada. His work is held in private and public art collections in 12 countries across 4 continents. […]

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Case Study #05 – The Lead Capture Tool, discounts, emails, scarcity and a 455% increase in conversion rates

A step by step recipe you can use on your site, to drastically increase the conversion rate for first time buyers. Study resulted in a 455% increase in conversion rates.

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bounce rate

Case Study #04 – How our Art Website Optimization Tips Improved Bounce Rates by 400%

The results from a case study in which our tips helped an art seller achieve a significantly lower bounce rate. Where to find your bounce rate, and how to improve it.

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email form

Case Study #03 – 1 Email Pop-Up, 1 Month, 824 Email Opt-Ins Later

The email pop-up, who uses them and why, a case study on pop-ups, and some general takeaways on email capture.

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Organic Traffic

Case Study #02 – Our SEO Tips and Their Impact on Organic Traffic

Making the case for doing basic SEO on your site, a real life case study, some recommended tools, and how you can boost your organic traffic today, and what it can drop to the bottom line

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Case Study #01 – Testimonials Increase Conversion Rates RESULTS

A case study on testimonials, how we set it up, step by step instructions on how you can too, and some surprising results.

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Case Study #01 – Testimonials Increase Conversion Rates

A case study on testimonials, what we are testing, and how you can too.

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