🌊 Rising Tide of Success: A Live Interview & Q&A with Jonah Allen, the Young $100K+ Photographer

5 years ago a 24 year old kid discovered the art marketing podcast, started listening to it, signed up for Art Storefronts and started his art business.  Now he is selling 100k a month of his art.  This is his story and there is so much to learn from him.

Watching this interview will leave you with a ton on insights you can use immediately to improve your art or photography business.

πŸ‘‹ Meet Jonah Allen

Jonah is a photographic artist located in Northwest Florida.

He has a defined niche of coastal ocean photography primarily of his home coastline in Florida.

In just a few short years β€” in which, it needs to be said,  he worked like a madman β€” he has been able to achieve a remarkable level of success that places him in the top 1% of photographers selling their art.

We recently sat down with Jonah for an in-depth interview as well as an open ended Q&A session where he candidly answered questions from his peers; questions on how he approaches pricing, sales, discounts, his mindset practice, and a whole lot more.

We have created this page to tell this remarkable story. Below you will get a list of what all this post will contain and its presented in the order it was presented.

  • A video trailer Jonah has made introducing himself entitled "An Intentional Moment - The Story and Lifestyle of Jonah Allen"
  • The Zoom interview with Jonah conducted by Patrick.
  • A video made by Jonah showing off his work hanging in the iconic Beach club at Alys Beach.
  • The zoom session in which Jonah and Patrick do live Q&A.

🎞️An Intentional Moment - The Story and Lifestyle of Jonah Allen

Jonah made this video as a trailer introducing himself to his audience; who he is and what he does as a photographer.

Below some examples of his work πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ΉThe Zoom Interview with Photographer Jonah Allen

In the interview we get into Jonah's origin story.

We talk about how he got started and how he found Art Storefronts.

He talks about his work ethic, his mindset, how he approaches his pricing and lineup, a quick tour of his gallery, and so so much more.

πŸ›ŽοΈ How Jonah got His Art into a Ritzy Hotel

In the above video Jonah talks about the Beach Club / hotel he was able to get his art into.  The important takeaway is how he managed to pull this off.

If we had a nickel for every time an artist asked any of the following questions...

  • How do I get my work into a hotel?
  • I want to work with interior designers.  How do I get them to purchase and place my work in high end homes?
  • I just want to reach high end buyers and collectors.  How do I do that?
  • I just want to work with art publishers.  How do I find them?

Whether we talk about how Jonah did it, or any of our other customers, the answer is almost always the same.

You don't find them, they find you.

Every artist wants the above results and the best way to accomplish that is through regular and consistent marketing.  

You make a ton of noise, and you get noticed.

When you focus on that β€” as opposed to trying to go after them β€” they will find you.

❓ Live Question and Answer Session with Jonah

πŸ›‘ Disclaimer/Warning:  There is some colorful language used in this video.

Questions Jonah Answered in the session πŸ‘‡

  • Do you run sales?  Art Storefronts recommend we run several per year.  Are you doing that and if so do you go about it? 
  • What are the most important thing to focus on what you are feeling tapped out?
  • What are you thoughts on doing a photo book?
  • How do you approach limited editions and their numbering and sizes?
  • How he handles fulfillment and how he handles negotiation and discounts.
  • What did Jonah pick the number 12 for his limited edition runs?  How handles pricing as they start to sell.  What about sizes of the limited editions.
  • What media types is he using?
  • Does he ever sign his works on the front?  What about certificates of authenticity.
  • The inconsistency of running a gallery and how to get somebody to run it.
  • How he approaches editing and pairing down his photos

πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Next Steps

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