[new feature] Speed is Critical – Your Upload Tool Just Got Supercharged

The upload tool gets a speed boost, some notes on speed, and what you have to do implement the new technology on your ASF site

We have talked about how critical webpage speed is to your buyers experience and more importantly your bottom line.

My favorite quote from that piece was the results Walmart observed on their conversion rates…

for every 1 second of improvement, they experienced a 2% conversion increase

Whilst that quote applies to page loading speed on actual transactions on their e-commerce site, I have to imagine what it symbolizes is the bigger issue.

The longer things take on your website the less likely folks are to finish them.

Which I prefer to boil down to the faster you are the more $ you will make.

Its with this thought in mind I am happy to report on our newest feature update.

Its not really a bell, or a whistle, or really even all that sexy for that matter, but it will make your users’ experience faster.

We have supercharged the upload to print tool.



Science really.

What we are calling Conversion Science but you will hear more on that later.

In short our team found a better algorithm that speeds up the upload process.

So they implemented it.

In our tests this process here…


saw as much as 70% speed increase when dealing with big files.

We are confident this will provide a bump in your overall conversion rates for upload-to-print customers — a process that in some cases is ALREADY converting insanely well. We also hope it will serve as a further demonstration of how you are committed to bettering their buying experience.

Pro Tip: Are you using the upload to print tool in your business? This [new feature] presents a good opportunity to notify your customers of the update and increased speed for them. Lets them know you are innovating on their behalf and gives you an opportunity to email them in a non spammy way.

What do I have to do to take advantage?


It’s already live on your ASF site.

Now then, let’s get back to business. You focus on yours and we are going to focus on how to make yours better.

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