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[new feature] Sales & Customer Acquisition Reports

A new pair of reports available to ASF customers that make it easier than ever to track where your customers are coming from.

If you’ve been following us at all, or are an existing customer, you well know we are big believers in the power of data.

Understanding your data, and making data driven decisions is what separates great businesses from, you know, those businesses that just seem to stumble along year after year. The importance of data is something everyone can agree on.

Despite this, one of the biggest problems that small business owners face is that they aren’t reviewing key performance metrics regularly. The main reason this is the case is because these critical reports are not instantly accessible.

Therefore, we have begun releasing a few critical reports (more to follow) that give our customers instant access to data we believe is critical, particularly when running an online art or printing business.

The Acquisition Report

acquisition report

This report shows you just how many leads were acquired versus customers, a key metric we recently highlighted in the 6 Key Conversion Milestones of Art & Photo Printing Websites. We refer to leads as “contacts”, because whenever a lead is captured within the ASF platform, a contact is created within your Contact Manager.

A Case Study

Atom Prints, a fine art printing company in Texas, was kind enough to take part in our case study.

We added the Lead Capture Tool to their site at the very end of February and the results were obvious – contact acquisition rates spiked and sales remained solid.

art storefronts sales report

Now, Atom Prints is acquiring significantly more leads than ever before, and these are leads that they can turn into customers over time through email marketing and other methods.

When we first asked them about adding the tool, they were skeptical and didn’t want to add another cost that didn’t make sense for their business. Fortunately, after 30 days, the value of the Lead Capture Tool was something that the Acquisition Report immediately showed them.

It was working.


45 days later, and Atom Prints has now taken over the management of the tool, and has been implementing their own ideas. Most importantly, with reporting data at their fingertips, they have a way to measure the positive or negative effects of their ideas.

The Sales Report

In addition to the Acquisition report, we also provide a Sales Report.

“Cool, another new boiler plate sales report?”

No way. In this report, we purposefully separate New Customer Revenue from Total Revenue.

art sales reports

New Customer Revenue is an indicator of the future health of your business. It is also an incredibly powerful metric to track whenever you launch new marketing initiatives, to make sure they are paying off.

All in all, if you’ve been an ASF customer for a while, you know that one of our key strengths is helping you to maximize new customer acquisition. This metric alone (and there are tons more) usually earns our customers a minimum 200% average ROI on their investment with ASF. In other words, if you only viewed ASF as a new customer acquisition tool, the ROI would be there.

The best part? The data shows it.

acquisition data report

How to Access the Sales & Customer Acquisition Reports

In order to start viewing your reports, go to the Statistics section within your site manager.

art statistics

You’ll find the reports as new tabs on the stats page.

retention reports

There is also a knowledge base article on navigating to the new reports.

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