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I'm going to give you the best piece of advice I can give to every artist or photographer out there. Want to hear it?

Shockingly, almost every single artist or photographer I speak to is NOT doing what I am about to tell you – despite how logical and simple it is.

So here we go.

It all starts with one of the smartest people on the planet and his concept of "inversion." 

Charlie Munger is a billionaire investor and the business partner of Warren Buffet. He is also widely known for his clear thinking and is asked to speak regularly about problem-solving techniques.

What Charlie says is this: Rather than attacking a problem directly, invert it, and the problem immediately becomes easier to solve.

So let's do that. First, let's attack the problem directly by asking, "What can I DO to create a successful art business?"

Notice how this approach leads your mind to start looking for what tactics you can implement, what things you can "do". Cue the endless rabbit hole of blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, and so forth.

Now let's invert the problem by asking, "What will PREVENT me from creating a successful art business?".  

This has instantly simplified things. In fact, I can answer that question for you right here, right now. 

Here goes: There are a series of big "art-selling holidays" throughout a given year. These are the times when art buyers make their purchases. More than half of the "demand" for art is sucked right out of the market during these times.

And so, if you are not taking FULL ADVANTAGE of every single one of these holidays, then you will never build a highly successful art business.


This may be the reason your art business is sort of "stalled out," or not reaching the level you want.

Let's be clear – this is not about lobbing one email out to announce a sale. It is about implementing a thorough strategy that begins weeks and months before the actual times you want people to buy. It is about creating a build-up of passionate fans so that when you do give them an amazing opportunity to buy, the maximum amount do.

It is about doing this every single time, for every single big art-selling holiday.

You want to know what the artists who are selling $100k+ a year are doing? They NEVER miss a single art-selling holiday.

These are their biggest art-selling times by far.

So as you can see, if you want to be in their position, you cannot ever miss these. Ever.

And yet almost every single artist or photographer we talk to is missing out on these in some way.

They are NOT taking full advantage of the time buyers are pulling out their wallets.

WAIT – when buyers are “pulling out their wallets”?

Yes. It’s almost baffling, I know.

Yet this is 100% true.

Many people wonder why so many artists and photographers struggle. Well, is it really that hard to understand when things as obvious as this are being missed?

Now that you know – you can be different.

The next big art-selling holiday of 2021 is right around the corner: Mother's Day.

You need to begin your marketing strategy for it on April 1st. 

Once Mother's Day passes, we are immediately into Father's Day marketing. Then you sprinkle in July 4th and some other, lesser-known art-selling holidays, before we reach the biggest art-selling time of the entire year – the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter is October, November, and December.

You want to be walking into Q4 with a much bigger audience than you have right now. MUCH BIGGER. You want them properly "romanced" and primed to buy. And when the time comes for them to pull out their wallets, you want to be the one they are buying from.

Otherwise, it WILL be someone else – that is a guarantee. Art WILL be sold, wall space will be filled en masse, and demand will be permanently removed from the market. 

So there it is. You now know exactly what will PREVENT you from having a successful business.

The question is, what will you do next?

I've just implemented a huge discount for those of you who want to join Art Storefronts and completely level up your business in time for the Mother's Day art-buying rush.

You'll get an art-selling website packed with the features art buyers look for, instant access to 6-days-a-week of Zoom sessions with our team, and, yes, the Mother's Day Playbook – now in version 7.0 for 2021.

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