[new feature] Lead Capture Enhancement – Automated Expiration Reminders

A brand new update to our lead capture tool, send automation emails right from the dash, start lassoing new customers today.

Execution speed.

So much of digital marketing depends on how quickly you can get things done.


Even if it’s not perfect, if it could be better, if you just had more time to work on it… those arguments go on and on…

Especially with artists.

What you find though is the faster you execute on things, the faster you test things, even if they are not “perfect” , the quicker you start stacking up the small wins that translate into big wins.

It’s what we preach on this blog. We practice what we preach.

Last week we blogged about our newest case study.

We are seeing some truly amazing results from a new tactic artists on our platform are using. You can read about that 455% increase in conversation rates it created.

Let me briefly summarize.

You offer a pop up on your homepage with a time sensitive coupon for new customers.
You send them the coupon in an email.

You send them an expiration reminder in an email on the day it expires.

Note: DO NOT set your coupon code to expire. The expiration emails will still give subscribers a sense of urgency while allowing you to use the same coupon code for your entire audience.

That’s it.

Sounds simple enough right?

It’s powerful, it works, and it will likely work for you.

You won’t know that though till you start testing.

So what do you need to accomplish this technique?

  1. Lead capture tool/app
  2. Ability to generate a coupon code for the discount
  3. An email service provider that allows for automation

So lets get back to execution speed right?

The automation component here is the key. You want this system to work automatically, day and night, even while you sleep, without you having to touch anything.

Moreover, depending on your email service provider they either might not have automation or it can be difficult to setup.

So we made it easy.

We baked it in to our lead capture tool.


You can create the coupon code, email it, and then set the expiration reminder email all from the lead capture dashboard and it can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Set Your expiration reminder… test whatever time sensitivity works for you.


Write a subject link and write the email.


Turn it on and get testing. You can have it up and running before you have finished your morning coffee.

For ASF customers we have a knowledge base article you can read on how to setup this technique on your site in minutes.

Fall is here and if you didn’t already know it’s the biggest art selling time of the year.

What are you going to do on your site this season to sell more art then you did last year?

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