[new feature] Canvas Clusters

Introducing Canvas Clusters, we highlight the benefits, and a screencast on how to add them to your site

I have to imagine that if we polled print studios out there about the first thing that comes to mind when the word “canvas clusters” is mentioned is logistical nightmare.

Sizes, cropping, emails back and fourth, how to send the files, are the resolutions correct, I don’t want it cropped there, what do you mean the image is not big enough, etc.

To be fair, a good amount of that back and fourth is just the nature of the business but going through the process of setting up a canvas cluster is often times robust to say the least.

We hope to make that process just a bit easier.

Introducing Canvas Clusters from Art Storefronts.

Immediately Expand your revenue by offering Art Clusters.

  • Easy to Set up, any way you want
  • Each image is analyzed for quality before it can be ordered
  • Require customers to crop to the specified sizes
  • No phone calls, no emails, no back & forth
  • You receive the order

Easy as that.

How to add clusters to your store

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