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[new feature] Goodbye Pagination, Hello Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is the new standard for a reason – what it does, why we decided to implement it on ASF, and how it will improve your users’ experience.

Now, instead of displaying numbered pages that your visitors have to click through to see all of the images within a store page, we’ve implemented infinite scrolling.

We’ve done this for a very deliberate reason, but before we explain what that is, let’s first discuss what infinite scrolling is.

Infinite scrolling is when a visitor scrolls down a page, and as they reach the bottom, more images are loaded onto the page automatically.

If they continue scrolling, images will be continually loaded until the final image appears.

infinite scroll vs. pagination

This is an important user experience improvement because it requires less work for your visitor to peruse through your images and ultimately find one they like and might want to buy. Furthermore, it saves the visitor a significant amount of time it would have normally taken to load all the extra pages had they clicked through.

It’s one of those things you really appreciate when you experience it yourself.

Infinite scrolling is awesome on all devices, but it’s especially important for users on mobile and tablets.

This is because it’s a bit more painful and time-consuming to click through pages when using these devices, but it’s super easy to just swipe your finger and scroll.

Now let’s get back to the deliberate reason we implemented this.

During some rounds of analysis of artist, photographer, and art gallery websites on our platform, our ConversionScience team recently recognized something critical to success for these businesses.

websites with infinite scroll

It all comes down to this: When a visitor comes to your site, they are always looking for something specific, whether directly or indirectly.

For example, a visitor with “direct” intentions is thinking “I am looking to buy some beach art”.  A visitor with “indirect” intentions is coming to the site without a direct intention, but subconsciously favors images of beaches.

Therefore, your goal as an art seller is to get them to see all of your images that contain beaches as quickly as possible.

Now imagine your website has a page called “Beaches”. Perfect, because this visitor is going to click on it. At that point, all they have to do is scroll and they will see every single beach image you offer.

infinite scroll ecommerce

We’ve eliminated any possibility that they get fatigued with clicking on sequential pages.

Infinite scrolling gives you the highest chance of success at meeting the needs of each visitor, and that’s why we implemented it.

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