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Home Page Optimization for Art & Photo Printing Companies

A simple look at your data will show you that Professional Artists & Photographers are visiting your site every day. Here, we’ll show you how to set up your home page, and your website in general, to convert the maximum amount of these visitors into new customers that order prints from you on the spot.



Video Highlights

00:38 – Prioritizing your navigation menu links
01:14 – Pages that every printing company should have in their nav menu
01:50 – The importance of educating the site visitors on your products
02:57 – Homepage slideshow review – what it’s saying about your company
05:26 – Content area review – Talking to the customer you want to attract
06:56 – Backing it up with data
07:47 – The challenges of having a combo gallery + printing site, and the solution
11:30 – Feeding business from a child gallery site to your photo printing site
13:09 – Key takeaways


Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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