Improving Your Art Marketing with In-Situ Mockups

Mockups are a great way to help your audience understand what your art actually looks like in the real world.

To get you started, I picked 3 of my favorites that you are free to save and use in your own marketing efforts!

Check out the high resolution files below, as well as some additional advice on helping your audience visualize their purchase.




These mockups are a great way to improve your sales, but there are 3 even more effective visualization tools available to you:

1. Post merchandising content. Real photos of videos of your actual products. Talk through what makes your metal prints special vs. your canvas prints. Show how your acrylic prints are ready to hang. Give people a great sense of what it is you sell and what they can expect when they place an order. 

2. Provide Wall Preview functionality. This tool takes mockups to the next level by allowing your buyers to actually interact with a mockup in real-time – adjusting the size of the artwork and even the wall color. All in service of giving them the confidence to place an order.

3. Provide an Augmented Reality experience. The ultimate visualizer. Allow your buyers to preview your work in their homes in real time through their phone.

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How to get it all done → At Art Storefronts we teach you how to delight your audience with merchandising content and provide you with both Wall Preview and Augmented Reality tools to ensure you capture every possible sale through your website.

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