The Future of Selling Art and Photography is via Live Video

How do we know?

We have run hundreds of them with our customers and the data is absolutely STAGGERING (details on that below).

Let's start by defining the terms.

  • What is selling art or photography via live video?
  • 1 to 1 vs 1 to many selling

Selling Art Via Live Video Defined

There are 3 ways to sell your art or photography

  1. In person face to face
  2. On your website
  3. Via live video in two different formats.

Selling art/photography via live video, simply defined; it's you, your art/photography on hand so you can show it, a video camera/cell phone/web cam, and either one person watching that video or many.

1 to 1 Selling Via Live Video

Let's say I follow you on Instagram.  I see one of your pieces I like.  I send you a direct message on Instagram saying can we setup a video call?  I would like to discuss one of your pieces for a new bathroom I just remodeled.

You reply with sure and you send me back a date, time, and link for a video chat (which technology you use does not matter; Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, etc)

We discuss the piece, your prices, you merchandise the work, tell me about your inspiration, I get to know you, and I buy.

That is 1 to 1.  Incredibly powerful (so so few artists/photographers are doing this).

1 to Many Selling Via Live Video

You, your art/photography on hand, a camera, and you record/stream an art show (think a retail gallery show + a camera) that many people are watching.

It can be via a zoom/hangouts/teams session or it can streamed live to any of the social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIN, Twitch, Twitter, etc.

For the purposes of this page we are gonna focus exclusively on the 1 to many format.

Let's look at a quick montage of some examples of  1 to many live art shows.

That gives you the terms and some examples.  Now let's get into the results.

The Results We Are Seeing Running Live Art Shows

It wasn't hyperbole earlier when we said the results we have seen from our customers running live art shows has been nothing less than staggering.  So let's get into them.

These results are from real artists and photographers.  For each we include the following data from their shows:

  • Actual results in terms of sales
  • Their actual social followings on the various platforms in which they streamed the live art show
  • A video edit of the show so you can get a taste for how they look and feel

    Our sincere hope for you dear reader, is that after reading this page, you will say to yourself.
If these folks did this then so can I.  I am going to run my first one and I am going to do it this week!

Let's get into the results.

Live Art Show Examples: Artist Mathieu Laca

2 Shows, 61 pieces sold for $30,000 CAD

Canadian artist Mathieu Laca ran two live art shows over a period of 15 days and sold over 61 pieces. He ran the shows from his garage studio in the height of Covid lockdowns. He streamed the shows live to his FB page, IG account and Youtube Channel.

Below you will see his social following counts.

8547 fans


9.4k subs

An edit of Mathieu's Shows.

Live Art Show Examples: Artist Megh Knappenberger

megh knappenberger

1 Show, 62 pieces sold for $12,404

Kansas City artist Megh Knappenberger was moving out of one studio into another so she did a clear out on existing inventory which included color studies and sketches too. She streamed the show live to her FB page and IG account.

Below you will see her social following counts.

2.8k fans


An edit of Megh's Show

Live Art Show Examples: Photographer Rob Shanahan

1 Show, 14 pieces sold for $2,206

LA based Photographer Rob Shanahan ran a show out of his home office to clear out some excess inventory and some pieces with damaged frames. He streamed live to his FB page and IG account.

Below you will see his social following counts.

4.9k fans


An edit of Rob's Show

BTW... wondering what you will be saying after you run your first show?  This was Rob's reaction  ( Yours is going to be the exact same ) after he ran his first one.

The Bottom Line

These results ARE NOT NORMAL. 

How do we know?

We have over 7800+ customers at Art Storefronts and we study their data.  To be able to get these type of results based on a marketing technique that you can run at anytime for any reason without leaving your house is profound.

The question becomes why does this form of selling art or photography / this marketing technique work so well?

We have some insights into why.

Side Note: If you want a personal tour on how this works we would be happy to show you via a zoom session.  Just fill out this guy ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Why Running Live Art Shows Is So Effective?

Love this part.  It's not any one thing.  Its all of them working together, that combined, yield these amazing results. Here are 6 reasons why they are so effective.


It's a Sale First and Foremost

It gives the artist/photographer a reason to run a sale that is not tied to a major holiday (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mothers day, etc).  If you run more sales you will end up selling more art. That is just a fact.


It's a Brand New Marketing Technique

In marketing anytime a brand new technique or tactic or hack is discovered it always works best the minute its discovered.  It becomes less effective over time(marketers ruin everything). Your audience has NEVER seen this from you so its new, fresh, and effective. Low hanging fruit.


It Forces the Artist/Photographer to Actually Merchandise, Sell, and Tell the Stories Behind Their Work

All artists and photographers need to do more then just showing boring 2d images (which almost all share damn near exclusively) . These shows force you to show the finished product ( that thing that actually hangs on the wall) which your audience does not see anywhere near enough.


It's Just Marketing That You Are Not Doing Otherwise

Let's be honest.  None of you market enough or consistently.  Running one of these shows gets you to spin up marketing you would not do otherwise.  So its an audience touch you would not have otherwise.


The Social Sites Love Live Video

What do all the social sites want?  People spending more time on their platforms.  People that are more engaged than normal.  When you stream a live video people stay on the platform longer and they are more engaged then they are with normal posts.  The net result...  The social sites give your videos MUCH MORE reach.  Its basically free attention because you are keeping people on their platform longer.


Video Is The Next Best Way of Selling Art

What's the best way to sell art? In person face to face.  The next best way?  Interactive video. 99% of artists and photographers are just doing in person or via their website.  Live Video is the next best way to sell when you can't do it in person.

Again our goal with this post is to get you to run one immediately.  The sooner we do that the sooner you will be on the path to running hundreds of them and ultimately growing your business.

How it Starts:  Yes we know doing live video can be terrifying which is why we both teach you and ENCOURAGE you and SUPPORT you and MOTIVATE you to do it.  

If you are in the "needs continuous encouragement camp (we pretty much all are) let us show you what that program looks like.

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The Quick Start Guide to Running Live Art Shows

In order to get you running one of these as quickly as possible you need a quick start guide.  So we created one for you.  Again, we have run hundreds of these with our customers and we have learned a ton along the way.

Which is to say we know certain things.  Any of this sound familiar to you?

  • The thought of doing video anything is terrifying to you
  • Live streaming? What the heck is that and you don't have a Myface account or Spacebook.
  • Light, cameras, sound, mics what?  You don't have any of this stuff
  • You might have a website or might not.  Even if you ran a show how would you take payment?
  • The thought of selling and merchandising your work is also terrifying a bridge too far even.

Trust us we get it.  Yet we have also seen what happens when we poke, and we prod, and we push, and we encourage our customers over the line to run one.

Its this...

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

Quick Start Guide Table of Contents & Download

It's time to learn to fish and we are going to teach you.

Download the Guide

Download the guide, read it, and run your first Live Art Show!

Why get the guide? You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you opt in and get the guide (which is completely free btw) and for any reason you do not feel 100% more likely to run a live art show this week (which you will), then you can rest assured you are completely covered by our satisfaction guarantee.  You can formally write our complaint department and we will drive to your house and run your live art show for you.

Now seriously.  Download the guide and get your first show in the water this week (you will thank us later).

(BONUS) Announcing Our Newest Feature: Live Art Show Pages

After you run your first show you realize some things...

You start to ask yourself questions like...

  • Where do you direct people during the show to purchase the work?
  • What is the fastest way to take payment?
  • What is the easiest way to send the show replay to your email list, fans, and followers (they didn't get to see it live)
  • How do you indicate which pieces have already sold?
  • What is the fastest way to create a page that solves for all of above?

A Tour of Our New Live Art Show Pages

Live Art Shows are just the beginning.

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For all of those that hate being on video, are terrified of it, are not sure if they could ever do it ๐Ÿ‘‡

If she can do it we can all do it. Video is the future and all artists and photographers need to leverage it to make more sales.  Let Art Storefronts show you how.

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You create, we do all the technical stuff that makes it sell.


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