Looking Ahead – What Artists Need to be Doing to Succeed in the Years To Come

Ask yourself, are you properly set up to succeed
in this new "online economy"?

Looking Ahead -- What Artists Need to be Doing to Succeed in the Years Ahead

Ask yourself -- are you properly set up to succeed in this new "online economy"?

As we all know, the pandemic has impacted every industry.  However, for artists and photographers – the professional ramifications have been surprisingly positive. 

On the downside, countless art shows, fairs, and gallery openings have been cancelled or postponed. Even after they re-open, it is likely that social distancing mandates and general fear of large gatherings will greatly reduce their attendance. 

Therefore, for the foreseeable future it is clear that you can no longer rely on selling art in-person

Art galleries had already been closing down across the country in great numbers, and this extended period of inactivity called the "Retail Apocalypse" is decimating almost every retail business.

From this perspective, things might look bleak. But there is a massive, massive silver-lining here.

First, the photographers and artists who have a proper online art-selling strategy have been thriving.

That's right.  Not just surviving – thriving.  Here's some broader economic data that will put this into context:

  • U.S. retail sales grew 1.9% in September 2020, according to the Census Bureau – more than double many economists' expectations. 
  • Sotheby's in London reported a stunning 46% increase in bids in their latest online auction with sales closing up at $2.9 million.  
  • Google Trends tracked higher activity for searches of the phrase "buy art online" than last year's holiday season.

Right here at Art Storefronts, photographers and artists have been seeing record levels of sales, every week since the beginning of the pandemic-- right from THEIR OWN WEBSITES.

How has this happened?

According to the national art market report, the pandemic “significantly accelerated online sales” and did so immediately. 

On top of that, people who earn over $100k annually (the only people who really buy art) have been almost completely unaffected by this pandemic.  They have not lost their jobs.  Instead, their jobs have transitioned from companies who got slammed by the pandemic to companies who are currently thriving.  

This is not anything like the 2008 recession.  It is a jobs transfer, a wealth transfer from pandemic-affected businesses to those non-affected.  

And what types of businesses are part of the non-affected?  Every business that provides an online service and/or sells its goods online.

So when it comes to selling art, who do you think has benefited from this?  

The photographers and artists who were already properly equipped to grow their art business online.  

Those who already learned how to market themselves online, how to find their audience online, how to close the sale online, and how to provide an amazing customer experience online.

Like a flood, the entire market has come to them all at one.

On the flip side, what artists have been hurt by these changes?

Those who have relied on traditional art galleries and/or local art shows to sell art.  

Those who never took the online art market seriously -- or, who simply never had time.

These artists found themselves with all of their eggs in the wrong basket and as a result, they're hurting.

And...according to latest national art market report, “its highly unlikely the art world will revert back to the old”.  

Which means, unless you want to assume a ton of risk – there is really only one plausible way forward.  You must take the online market seriously RIGHT NOW.  This is no longer about "dabbling".  

You must learn how to thrive in it.  You need to get committed.  

I know it can seem daunting, but it is actually not.  

Even those who recently launched their online art gallery website in the last few weeks have already started making sales. For example:

So, how are they -- and others -- making these successes happen?

This is where it gets really interesting.

In this "new normal" we are living in -- something profound has happened in the art industry.  Something you need to learn. 

It is something we experienced first-hand, alongside the 4,000+ photographers and artists we work with.  Not by sitting on the sidelines as observers -- we have gotten in the trenches, doing day-to-day marketing with them.  

It began when we started helping our artists to run live art gallery shows online.  

Yes, just like having a Friday night gallery opening in your city or town, but online and right from their homes.  Immediately, they were a huge success.

What do I mean by success?  Here's an example.  We ran one of these only a few weeks ago showcasing 15 pieces of art by artist Mathieu Laca.   We sold over $12,000 of art within 5 days.

This was amazing for several other reasons too.  First, this was old inventory, and we sold it all! It wasn't even close to Mathieu's best stuff.  Second, buyers from all over the world attended and made purchases.  After all the promotion, there were thousands of people worldwide who saw his art show.

This was amazing - but do you want to know what was the most profound aspect?  It was the organic feedback from all of the art buyers, and those who attended these online shows.  You can see it in the comments as the shows go on.  People talk about how entertaining it is, and how much fun they are having.  

On video, you are able to show the art up close, from all sorts of different angles, while discussing your inspiration behind it.  The experience is actually fantastic -- it is as close to real world as you can get. And the proof is in the pudding, people are buying!  We are not talking cheap either - pieces are selling for thousands of dollars right through Facebook and Instagram Live.

Take a moment to realize how significant this is.  You are now able to do from your home what would normally have required an art gallery with a physical presence. And you can reach a GLOBAL audience. People from all over the world can, in a sense, virtually "walk" into your personal "art gallery" when you are presenting on live video.  They are in the store with you.  

They get to meet the artist directly and see the products up close and at all angles, all from the comfort of their own homes on their own digital devices.

They don't have to live near a gallery, make time for an event, or convince their spouse to go to a show.  

Attending art shows is now easier and more convenient than ever before, which means people will be attending many, many more of them. Incredible!

Now that we have executed on dozens of these, we've found that (as with any new marketing strategy) there is a whole bunch of "tradecraft" involved in doing it right.  For example, there are things you need to do pre-show, during, and after from a marketing standpoint.  

We have already built out a step-by-step playbook for it, and our members are already using it. We will be updating it weekly as the learnings continue to roll in.  

But let's get back to the bigger point:

The fact that photographers and artists can run their own international art gallery business right from their homes is an advancement that will forever change the art industry, and for the better.  

It means you can now take full control of your destiny, and position yourself to finally make the most money from your art.  This is the key to generating consistent income.  

Furthermore, anyone with a computer and a phone can do it.  It can be a part-time business, or full-time.  You aren't paying rent, so you can go at whatever pace you like.

Overall, what does all of this mean?  

It means that running an art gallery business online is now the most effective and efficient way to build a profitable art business.

So given this, what is the next logical step for every artist and photographer?  It's simple.  

You need to properly equip yourself to run your own art gallery business online. 

How Does Art Storefronts Fit Into This?

art storefronts about
We help artists and photographers run their own art galleries, online.

In simple terms, Art Storefronts provides an art-gallery business in a box. We give you everything you need to run your own art gallery online, and we make it as simple as possible to do.

First, we provide you with a proper art gallery website that provides the finest experience possible for your art buyers, so that you convert the maximum number of visitors into buyers.  Since all we do is focus on the art market, our websites have hundreds of art-selling features that make a real difference and that you won’t find anywhere else.

Second, we provide you with a marketing plan and ongoing marketing consulting to help you get customers in the door.  Marketing is our secret sauce, and if you read reviews about us, it is one of the most cited reasons that artists say they love to work with us.

Who Is a Fit?

Wondering whether you are a good fit for Art Storefronts? Here are the types of people we are working with: mathieu laca testimonial

  • Full-time artists and photographers, who have been unsuccessful selling online or who want to sell more.
  • Part-timers who currently have another job, who want to make extra income with this as a side business.
  • Stay-at-home moms and dads, who just want to make an extra $10-20k per year.
  • Any artist who wants to live their dream, who wants to make the most efficient use of their time, save themselves years of trial and error, and start doing things the right way from day one.

Our minimum criteria is that you have actually sold your art to the general public, because that tells us you have validated that your art is marketable and sellable. If your art is sellable, and you have the motivation to grow your art business, you’ll be a great fit.

In a time when your ability to participate in the offline art market has become limited, your online business has become crucial.

Ready to start selling more art through your website? See why thousands of artists and photographers are using Art Storefronts to run their own art galleries online » 

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