Art Storefronts “Greater Exposure” Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Art Storefronts guarantees that at the end of two months of an active Art Marketing Co-Pilot subscription, you will have received greater exposure through your Facebook Page and Instagram profile than you had in the two months prior to joining Art Storefronts.

We assess this using the “Reach” metric found in your Facebook and Instagram Insights. This number represents the number of people your posts have reached in a given timeframe.

Because the content strategy implemented for you via Co-Pilot is intentionally designed to increase the frequency and diversity of your posts, we are confident we will get more eyes on your art than you could on your own.

If, after two months, your Reach on Facebook and Instagram combined has not increased versus the two months prior to joining, and you meet all of the conditions listed below, you can contact us for a free 2 month extension on your Co-Pilot subscription and we will continue to work on your distribution strategy until your exposure does increase.


  • You must have successfully connected both your Facebook Page and Instagram profile to your Co-Pilot account.
  • You must not have disabled any of the Facebook or Instagram Tasks created for you.
  • You must not have modified any of the Facebook or Instagram Tasks created for you – we are only able to guarantee success when it is our content strategy being posted.
  • You will need to access your Facebook/Instagram Insights in order to provide proof that your reach did not increase (see the form linked below).

If you feel you are eligible to redeem the guarantee after a 2 month Co-Pilot subscription, please complete this form and our team will get back to you within 7 business days.


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