Announcing Copilot.
Your Art Marketing Done For You.

Let a team of art marketing experts do your marketing for you so you can focus on creating.

If you want your art to sell it needs to be marketed.

You know that to be true but... (any of these sound familiar?)

  • You don't like marketing and never do it
  • You don't know how to market your art or where to start
  • You struggle with social media
  •  You are technically challenged
  • Even if you are actively marketing you struggle with consistency
  • You don't have experience in running sales campaigns
  • You just want to create and have somebody else do the marketing
  • You have a day job, barely time to create as is, you have no time to market

You know your art or photography will sell if you could just get it in front of the right people!

Imagine what your art business could look like if you had a team of art marketing professionals doing all of the marketing for you?

Announcing Copilot; Your art marketing done for you by Art Storefronts. Here is how it all works.


Step 1 - We setup your art on a custom art selling website 

Not only do we build the website for you but we also maintain it for you for life.  All you have to do is get us your work.  We take care of the rest. Instantly you have the ability to make sales and print and ship orders.


Step 2 - We connect your Email, Instagram, and Facebook to our team

Now we have your art up on an art selling website and we have the ability to run sales and marketing campaigns on your behalf. With the combination of the website and your email and social channels we have everything we need to market and sell effectively.


Step 3- Our team of Art Marketing Experts starts running your marketing

Everything from regular social posts to full blown sales and marketing campaigns.  All without you having to lift a finger.

When you start marketing effectively and consistently then everything in your art business will change.

When the work is done for you, no matter what you have going on in life will not get in the way of effectively marketing your art.  "The sale is running, orders are coming in, and everything is getting done. Magic"

When artists feel "overwhelmed" the marketing is often times the first area of the business to suffer.  It just does not get done and that window of time is lost forever.  With Copilot yours days of missed marketing opportunities are over.

Consistency in your marketing is everything. This is what happens when you have a CoPilot by your side.

Before: You would of given up before you even got started

After: With consistent and regular marketing everything starts to grow.

Before: You got discouraged — does art even sell online? — and then just quit marketing

After: With consistent and regular marketing what started as new followers quickly turns into small sales.  You now have momentum

Before: You never would of run complete and effective email campaigns (if at all!) 

After: When the pros send your emails they get opened and they generate sales

Before: You never ran sales campaigns or if you did they were never effective.  (Most are even scared to run sales at all) 

After: Your work gets seen by buyers and sales get made.

Before: You would not of run the sale at all and you would not of likely even promoted old works

After: You wake up to orders.  Now on to the next campaign!  Which for Kim was Mothers Day for Kim 👇

Who exactly is Art Storefronts and what do they know about marketing in the first place?

In case you were wondering Art Storefronts has everything you need to start, run, and grow a successful art business. We are coming up on our tenth year in business and 👇 is how our over 13000+ customers feel about us. We have been reviewed over 2000+ times on Trust Pilot, Facebook and Google.


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