Photographer Builds 100K/yr Art Biz for Retirement!

Mark learned what all the pros know – that your art is not going to sell itself. You must properly equip your art business if you ever want to do well.

From a spare-time hobby to a full-time business in 3 years flat? Here's a must-see success story that gets to the core of what it takes to find success in the art market.

Meet Mark Hersch: a Chicago-based photographer whose unique urban historical photography has been featured everywhere from the Chicago Tribune to Business Insider.

Just a few years ago, Mark finally took the step to take his hobby photography seriously and attempt to sell it.

Given his 30-year career in business, he knew he had to go about it
the right way.

And that meant spending time on something that may surprise you.

Marketing his work.

Mark understands that taking great photos is one thing, but selling them successfully is an entirely different undertaking.

Before he could expect to sell much, he needed to address the same two specific things that every single artist or photographer must confront before they can hope to reach $100,000 a year in sales.

These two particular things are fundamental to success in the art industry, yet the overwhelming majority of artists and photographers are completely missing one or both. So –

Do you want to sell more art this year?

Build a more valuable art business?

Ensure that you are NOT going down the wrong path, like so many other art sellers?

Make sure you get these 2 things right.

The Formula for Success

Bill Wensel - artist

Photographer Bill Wensel (Art Storefronts member since 2017) increased his print sales by +807% year over year.

Artist Megh Knappenberger (Art Storefronts member since 2017) sold $50,000+ of art her first holiday season

In our time working with thousands of highly successful artists and photographers over the years, we've deconstructed what is making them so successful. It comes down to just 2 things:



That's it.

Seriously, that's it.

Think about it: if you have a
marketing plan that generates new customers, and a properly-designed website that closes every possible sale, what else do you need?


With just these 2 things, there is nothing stopping you from being successful.

With these 2 things, you can finally solve the problem of
earning consistent monthly sales from your art.

Now, let's get into each of these in more detail. 

#1: It All Starts With A Website*


The art buying process is incredibly visual. To sell art online, you need to take the offline gallery experience and move it online - and not just any old website will do.

A proper, art gallery website feels like walking into a retail art gallery.

There's art on the wall, and it's clearly for sale.

This is in direct contrast to most artist websites, which are set up like image portfolios. These websites feel more like flipping through a coffee table book than entering a shop where the products can actually be purchased.

If your website isn't designed specifically
to sell your won't.


Your own art gallery

Art Storefronts allows you to be your own art gallery so you aren't dependent on other galleries. You don't have to wait to be discovered, or called, or emailed by any galleries. You don't have to fit any of their aesthetics. You are your own gallery.

Mathieu Laca Artist

Furthermore, a proper art gallery website has a host of powerful features that are designed to handle all the possible questions and objections art buyers face when making a buying decision:

I can't tell what size print would look best on my wall...

❌ No Sale

Canvas gallery wrap, metal, acrylic...I don't know what any of these media types actually look like...

❌ No Sale

I love it, but I need my spouse to sign off. I'll have to remember to come back later....

❌ No Sale

I'm not sure how this piece will look with my paint color, furniture, other artwork, etc.

❌ No Sale

This is a lot of money, how do I even know I can trust this artist with my order?

❌ No Sale

An art gallery website like the ones provided by Art Storefronts have features that would have saved each and every one of those lost sales.

Want to learn more about all of the 30+ features an Art Storefronts website offers?

After years of struggle, Bill Stidham (Art Storefronts member since 2016) sold over $17,000 his first holiday season on Art Storefronts

Painter Jim Pescott (Art Storefronts member since 2017) earned his first ever online sale through his Art Storefronts site

#2: A Marketing Plan That Works


Sure, you'll need the right website to turn your site visitors into collectors, but how do you bring those visitors to your site in the first place?

Many photographers and artists waste years of their professional lives trying to figure this part out.

Jim Livingston (Art Storefronts member since 2018) recently sold two 12' murals using Live Preview w/ Augmented Reality

An effective art marketing strategy requires:

  • Consistent, on-going content marketing via email and social media
  • Frequent print giveaways
  • Strategic promotions centered around holidays
  • An advertising strategy designed to maximize your return
  • An analytics system that allows you to track the progress of your campaigns and react accordingly

Not quite as inspiring as creating art, right?

And yet, without it, earning a reliable, consistent living from your art will be nearly impossible.

Here's how we've solved this problem:

Art Business University


Everything you need to run successful marketing campaigns, summarized into straightforward checklists.

Our tactics are based on data from thousands of actual artists and photographers. We find what's working out there and bring it to you.

Plus, the Art Marketing Calendar keeps you on track with what you should be doing to grow your art business 365-days-a-year.

Members-Only Zoom Sessions


3-5 live sessions each week that put you in touch with our team of professional art marketers and mentors.

Get advice on how to maximize results from your next marketing initiative.

Get feedback on a crazy idea you have that might just work.

Or just get help with how to use Instagram's latest feature. We're here for you.

Ready to learn how to spend your limited marketing time exactly where it counts?

Building a Profitable Art Business

To recap, achieving consistent monthly sales as an independent artist comes down to 2 things:



These two needs are why Mark Hersch chose Art Storefronts.

First, we provide best-in-class art gallery websites. We have all the key art-selling features (and then some) that will provide your buyers with the finest art buying experience available.

Second, we provide step-by-step marketing instruction and unlimited access to our consultants. We'll tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it - every day of the year. It's all based on what is actually working for other successful artists and photographers, so you can stop guessing and immediately get on the right path to growing your sales.

Mark has a reputation to uphold, and very little time to mess around.

He needed a comprehensive solution to sell his photography that was state-of-the-art. One that was robust enough, would always have the latest features and functionality, and would work for him for many years to come.

Now in his 3rd year with Art Storefronts, Mark's art business is rocking.

He didn't sit around uploading his images to a bunch of online gallery sites, waiting for sales to come to him. He puts in the work, and follows a strategy to actively market his art as far and wide as possible.

Because the work did not simply sell itself. And yours won't either.

This year, fully focused on effective marketing strategies, he's on track to break all of his previous records.

And he's not alone:

It's time to create your own success story.


Absolute best decision I have made in my Entrepreneur Art Career

Joining this Art supported platform has been the absolute best decision I have made in my Entrepreneur Art Career. I have sold more paintings this year than ever before. I am super excited about being part of Art Storefronts and cannot stress enough how this is a complete game changer for me and my career at this point.

Kim Vergil Fine Artist

Ahead of the Curve

The reason I love Art Storefronts so much is because they are always ahead of the curve with marketing and technology specifically for artists. You have saved me tons of money and time trying to keep up in our fast-moving world on my own.

Shirley Williams Artist

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