A DVR for your website?

You can record your website visitors, how you do that, why its awesome, and why the data will improve your business.

You mean to tell me that just like your DVR — digital video recorder — at home you can record your website visitors?


Not only can you do it, it’s incredibly easy to setup with your Art Storefronts site, and the intel you gain will immediately help you improve your business.

Moreover, they have a free version but more on that in a moment.

Recently here on the blog I talked about our new case study feature.

I am working with Art Storefronts customers that are just plain crazy enough to let me tinker with their websites as I try to improve various aspects, and ultimately grow their businesses.

They get free marketing and digital strategy work, and we get some great material to share here on the blog that we hope will help you grow yours.

During the course of starting that first study, I wanted to have access to as much intel as possible. So, I went into my bag of tricks and installed an app called Inspectlet.


Inspectlet calls itself “a full service interaction suite” for your site. Ohhh fancy.

Inspeclet does a few different things for you; specifically session recording, heatmaps, and form analytics.

For today’s quick tip we are focusing on the session recording, or as I eluded to earlier, a DVR for your website.

Setting Up Inspectlet

By placing a simple line of code on your site, it will record – just like your dvr at home – the complete journey of your website visitors from start to finish.

Copy and Paste one line of code in your ASF dashboard and you are up and running.


Why It’s Awesome

As much as I think it’s cliche to constantly be banging on about the same quotes – I really do love the Drucker quote

What gets measured gets managed
–Peter Drucker

Time and time again it becomes true for me.

In this case, and even more specifically in this case study, we are looking at the upload to print tool and the effect of a testimonial on that page.

Moreover, I have been taking a close look at the cropping page and what takes place on that page.

In both cases, hat tip to Mr. Drucker, the learnings have been amazing. Just by measuring and in this case watching, I have both gained insights as well as triggered a deluge of new ideas I want to test and things to try in future case studies.

Session Recordings

That was just a taste. When you take then time to go through, say, 20 of them or so – you start to get a much better understanding, you see patterns and trends of how people use your site, what areas they get hung up on, and you will generate new ideas to test.

The great thing about Inspectlet is that they have a free plan (they cap you on recordings, but still). So if you are keen to give it a go all you have to do is sign up, drop in the code into your site, and start watching.

This post is a quick tip and an introduction. In future posts we will take a deep dive into the other functionality that Inspectlet offers.

This has been a…

[Quick Tip Friday – Print & Art Business Tips in 5 Minutes or Less — #qtf 04]

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