Anatomy of a Successful Artist’s Home Page

The elements of designing a home page to sell art online – info buyers expect to be able to find, the importance of a pro logo, satisfaction guarantee, and more.

A successful artist selling art online is likely to have a really great home page.

That entry point is an artist’s opportunity to bring a potential customer into their world. But having great art on your home page isn’t enough if the site visitor doesn’t know where to go next.

Sure, I like your art. But what does it cost? What if I don’t like it – what’s your return policy? Why should I trust you with my transaction?

The art of the home page is in seamlessly directing the customer towards the information and content they need in order to feel confident enough to make a purchase. This is done with a few visual cues, as well as just putting in the work to stock your site with the stuff site visitors want to see.

If you’re an artist looking to sell more art online, follow these tips to designing a home page to make the next version of your site an art selling machine.

1. Professional Logo

Artist Logos

No plain text, not something cheesy that looks like you made it yourself in photoshop (I can tell).

Show me that you are a professional business and make me feel that I’m not one of your first customers. Who knows, I might be an interior designer looking to outfit a hotel. Can I trust that you’re a real business and not just a chop shop?

2. Clear, Easy to Find Phone Number


Cool, if I make a purchase and have a problem, I have the peace of mind knowing I can make a quick phone call.

Glad you didn’t hide your phone number in the footer or somewhere deep on a contact page. That says a lot about you. I’m absolutely willing to spend more money now. Let’s do this.

3. Business Hours

This is an added bonus. You’ve got your business hours here, you are clearly a real business with customers. My confidence level just increased another notch.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Almost every business provides this guarantee but few take the time to put it front and center. You did, which means you really mean it. I am really beginning to like this.

5. Header with Clear Calls to Action

Clear calls to action

Now that I’m on your site…where should I go?

What are you offering? What are you promoting right now? Tell me! I don’t have time to click through your pages and figure this out.

6. Displays All of Your Subject-Matter Categories with a Single Image Example

Thanks for making it so easy for me to understand everything you have to offer right when I landed on your site, without forcing me to click around dozens of pages (which I wouldn’t have done anyways, so lucky you). I’m on my phone right now, I’m not going to search through your menu!

These are your best sellers? Awesome, I’ll start there.

7. Provides a Price Point Indication

Obviously, when someone reaches a given page of an individual image for sale, you will clearly display prices and not force your customer to search for prices in any way. You will also not force them to click a “shopping cart” or “buy” button just to see prices and options. This is a catastrophic mistake. You need to show prices and options immediately as your visitor lands on the page, otherwise, review your analytics and see how your conversion rates plummet.

But even further than this, as you list your images on a typical category page (which will display all of the images in a category) it is critical to provide a “teaser price” so that the visitor has an indication of what the print/painting will cost. According to our data, this simple aspect of displaying a price has proven to both increase browsing time and convert more sales.

Good to know I can make a purchase that is within my budget, in fact, I might even be able to buy several pieces. Awesome!

8. Social Proof

Social Proof Testimonial

Social proof is a great way to share the stories of happy customers. I love seeing that there is activity on your site and people have recently purchased artwork. Very classy.

9. Trust Badges

Trust badges

Now these make me feel real good!

You are a trusted art seller. Your site is SSL secured, which means I have no problem giving you my credit card. You even have a badge to assure me you are using archival fine art materials? I’m literally blown away now.

10. Third-Party Verification of Credibility

If you rip me off, I can file a complaint to this third party organization?

It says something big about you, that you’re such an awesome business and that you care so much about your business, that you were willing to do this. Kudos to you.

11. Clear Return Policy

Return PoliciesAwesome, now I know what I need to do in case I need to return something. Thanks for taking the time to explain the process and your effort to make things so simple on your customers.

12. Link to Artist Bio

selling art online

I want to buy something that has meaning. I loved learning about why you do what you do, man I didn’t know we had so much in common. I’m a fan now.

Can’t wait to get some of your work rocking in my house so I can share your story with my family and friends.

With these elements in place, an artist will never have to worry about missing out on sales for lack of trust or information.

With a professional logo, trust badges on display, a transparent return policy, and a clear call to action, potential art buyers will be guided through the purchase process with their confidence reaffirmed at every step.

After you’ve mastered your home page, we suggest you check out our related blog post on optimizing your product pages: How Providing Product Info Improves Buyer Confidence.

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Jamie Anderson says

Another great article! Thanks!

Ray says

Great read! Where can we get the trust badges and links from?

Art Storefronts says

Thanks Jamie.

Art Storefronts says

Hey Ray. We are going to activate them soon. We will blast out an feature email as soon as we do.

Art Storefronts says

Thanks Jamie.

Carol MacConnell says

Patrick, are you saying that all of these elements should be on a home page? I don’t see how to add some of these to my theme. Is there a theme that you like to use for this kind of home page? Also, I can switch themes without losing any of my content? (I think the answer is yes to the switching themes but I would feel better with confirmation of this!)

Patrick Shanahan says

Hey Carol. Apologies for the delayed response. Yes you can switch themes. Contact support so they can walk you through it. I agree always better safe then sorry. When you get in touch with support ask them what themes in our lineup are among the highest converting. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

In terms of all of the elements. They are among some of the important things a good homepage needs. For some of them you need to know how to code.

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