After 23-Year Struggle, Painter Sells $11k+ In 1 Week

The 5 things she did to make it happen.

After 23-Year Struggle, Painter Sells $11k+ In 1 Week

The 5 things she did to make it happen.

Debbie Arambula has spent the last two decades selling her art one piece at a time across the country at thousands of art shows.

She understands the hustle better than anyone, which is what makes her incredible Black Friday results so sweet. 

After years of schlepping her art from tent to show to booth, she is finally in a place where she is generating serious revenue from her work purely through her website. 

Check out the full report in her own words:

There are so many important points packed into this short update. Let's break down the 5 most important factors that she reveals contributed to her success:

1. She followed the Art Storefronts Black Friday Checklist. This is a critical resource for our members because it allows them to quickly and easily set up a professional campaign designed by our art marketing experts. In other words, no time is wasted experimenting with untested tactics. Only the effective stuff is done.

2. She made personal connections with existing collectors. Staying engaged with your biggest sale of the year is crucial! This isn't a set-it-and-forget-it campaign, and by going the extra mile to interact with her best collectors, she closed sales she otherwise would have missed out on. 

3. She stayed focused after the sale. Selling art takes time, and sometimes your customers won't have made a decision until after the sale has technically ended. This is when it's important to still be available to close the sale.

4. She understands the power of reaching out to abandoned carts. Her website, which is powered by Art Storefronts, allows her to view the email addresses of would-be customers that added an item to their cart but failed to checkout. With a quick message reaching out and offering her assistance, she will be able to close even more sales in the coming weeks. 

5. She is focused on building a sustainable art business, online. Fewer shows, more consistent income! Offline selling will always be a part of her activities as an art seller, but Debbie has a clear goal to generate reliable income through her website and online marketing practices. With her focus set where it counts, she's positioning herself to grow and grow for years to come.

Add it all up, and you've got a home run of a holiday sale! And the wins will keep coming, too. We offer our members 365-day guidance, which means she is currently following our December Checklist which lays out how to run flash sales, sell gift cards, and set up a proper end-of-year promotion.

It's only a matter of time until she fills us in on how much more art she has sold throughout December.

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