Collectors Buy Originals On Black Friday?

Yep, and savvy artists with the right marketing strategy are capitalizing on it.

Collectors Buy Originals On Black Friday?

Yep, and savvy artists with the right marketing strategy are capitalizing on it.

If you've perused our blog at all over the past few months you'll have heard the one thing we just can't shut up about: art sells like crazy during the holiday season.

Artists and photographers that are actively engaged in marketing their work will often earn a sizable portion of their annual income in the three short months of the fourth quarter.


Art collectors like saving money too.

All year, collectors are discovering new works by new artists and photographers that they love.

The holiday season is when they often buy. It's when they know they can count on saving a little bit of money, because just about every product in the world goes on sale in November and December at some point.

With our day-by-day checklist, Art Storefronts members are set up with a professional plan that walks them through exactly how to execute a professional Black Friday campaign. 

When paired with unlimited access to our art marketing consulting via our private Facebook Group, they're put in the best possible position to succeed. 

We've invested so much into making it as easy as humanly possible for them because we know the only way to lose out on the fourth quarter buying rush is to not participate at all.

Let's check in on how it's turned out for a few of our members: 

A $1,425 sale through Instagram.

This is a good illustration of why consistency on social media throughout the year is so important. You never know who's following you, and how close they're getting to placing an order. 

Artists and photographers alike are often hesitant to discount their work during the holidays, but the data is clear - whether it's free shipping, 20% off, or some other creative offer, providing a small incentive (and rolling it out the right way) is crucial for tapping into the high revenue potential of the holiday season.

One under-appreciated concept is that your offline and online activities do not have to be two distinct, isolated businesses. When you're set up properly, one will feed the other, and they both contribute to your overall growth. 

One down, many more to go! Congrats Ralph. 

So --

Did you miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Wishing you did a little bit more to bring in sales?

No worries, the next holiday is just around the corner, and we have the checklists, the resources, and the art-selling website software you'll need to make the most of it. 

Request a Demo to learn more about how our all-in-one solution will grow your art business in 2020 »

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