is it a good time to be an artist?

Can 1 Feature Change the Art Market?

We think it can. Learn how we’ve leveled the playing field between artists and those that profit off of them, and how we intend to tilt the scales in their favor like never before.


For thousands of years, fine artist and professional photographers have struggled to attain success independently. 

Galleries, curators, patrons, and, lately, online marketplaces, have always held the power in the art market - leading to the long-running cliche of the "starving artist"

Long before we created Art Storefronts, it bothered us just how unfair the industry is – how the established players use their power to exploit artists

And we made it our mission to fix the industry, and empower the independent artist.

We're working everyday to create a world where artists are able to subvert the traditional "system" and sell directly to their customers, control that customer data, and build lasting businesses with it. 

Because artists should earn the most money from their art – not a gallery, or marketplace, or anyone else.  

The problem? This has been all but impossible for the past...well, forever. It's never been possible. 

Why Artists Have Never Been Able to Succeed on Their Own

why artists fail

Sure, there will always be the rare superstars of art that - by some potent combination of talent and luck - "make it" on their own. But, for the vast, vast majority, independent success has never been a real option for fine artists and photographers.

This is a product of the way the industry has always been set up. 

Organizations like art galleries and online marketplaces earn their profits from the work of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of artists. With this massive stream of revenue, they're able to pour money into researching and developing cutting-edge tools that sell art fast and effectively. 

In order for a single, independent artist to compete with these giant organizations, they would have to also pour money into cutting-edge tools of their own.

Yep, that's a problem.

This is where Art Storefronts came in. An artist or photographer website built with Art Storefronts comes equipped with advanced tools and features that give your buyers the same experience they get on the big guys' sites. 

The Wall Preview Tool allows visitors to imagine your art in a room space where they can change the wall color, size of the piece, and furniture.

Our side-by-side selling capability allows you to offer an original piece for sale on the same page as limited or open edition prints of that piece without forcing the buyer to click onto new pages or hunt them down. 

The 3D previews such as the live framing tool allows you to easily up-sell your work by offering it in a variety of frames. 

With features like these, collectors can buy art from you as easily and efficiently as they can from, or Saatchi Art. 

This is a huge deal, because it levels the playing field for the first time in history.

Seriously, this isn't an exaggeration! Name us another time when a single artist could stand up to the resources of the big players.

It truly is a monumental time to be an artist.

And you know what? We're still not done.

Artists Are About to Take the Lead

is it a good time to be a photographer

So, with a website powered by Art Storefronts, artists are now able to offer a shopping experience just as sophisticated and powerful as the giant retailers, without having to pay out large portions of your profits to them.

Now, let's tilt the scales even further, with a cutting-edge and highly-demanded feature that will enhance the art buying experience to the point that it will be hard to compare the old way of buying art online with this new way.

We gave our customers a sneak peek of this new feature, and here's what they had to say:

Ready to see the future of selling art online?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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