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Merchandising 101: A Broad Primer on How to Avoid a HUGE Art-Selling Mistake

Merchandising 101: A Primer on How to Avoid a HUGE Art-Selling MistakeSo so many artists and photographers get this completely wrong. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to audit your thinking and change your business for the better. Enjoy Patrick’s advice?Here’s how to get his input on YOUR art/photo business.👇👇👇LIVE Art Business Consulting […]

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How To Merchandise Your Art or Photography | Art Business Mornings

Step 1 – Watch video. Step 2 – Make sure you have the media types Wan’t a tour of what we do? Request a demo  REQUEST A DEMO Don’t have a printer?  Click below and use ours ASF PRINTS Key Facts:You can get this done on the cheap ~$150.00 or lessYou need samples to sell […]

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