Can I Promote My Artwork Online Without Social Media? (Here Is How To Do It)

Can I Promote My Artwork Online Without Social Media? (Here Is How To Do It)

While social media continues to dominate the world from everything to interior design to job hunting, not everyone is a huge fan.

Some people do not enjoy the idea of sharing their lives or their products for everyone to see. 

It is popularly believed that the only way to sell or promote anything online is through the use of social media. This simply is not the case.

With over 20 percent of small businesses opting for a more traditional yet still modern approach to promoting their products. 

In this article we explain how you can promote your artwork online without the use of social media. And some creative ways to do it. 

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Can You Promote Art Online Without Social Media?

Ultimately, yes you can promote your art online without the use of social media. Social media continues to be the No.1 most popular and effective way to promote any form of product. (See: What (and How) to Post on Facebook and Instagram)

From fashion to gaming, everyone is either selling or buying on social media. However, artists such as Andrea Cresp and Jack Borndal are refusing the aid of social media and going old school. 

Whether you want to take a break from the constant noise and ads or find the algorithm of Instagram and TikTok just don’t work the way you need them to, you can still build your brand without them. 

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Online Portfolio 

Whether you decide to include social media or not, a virtual portfolio is essential for any artist looking to book a gig or to sell some of their art.

This is where potential employers or customers can come to view your work and talent. 

An online portfolio reduces the need to carry around a physical version of your portfolio at all times. You can easily direct your audience to your portfolio for them to browse at their own pace. 

This is mainly done through a website. This will be your main hub for your online promotional campaign and should be a reflection of your brand and your work. 

Your portfolio should include all of your best work. No matter your medium you can easily showcase your work process and your completed pieces all in one place. 

Be Active In Your Art Community 

The best place to really sell and share your art is in person. However, there are various circumstances where this is not possible.

Many art communities have made online discussion to allow people in the community to share their work and their passion.

Getting involved within your art community is a great way to network and meet others who enjoy the same things as yourself.

Outside of promoting your work you can also meet others in the industry and make new friends to help support your passion for art. 

Through art communities you can begin to share your work with others and grow an audience.

From there you can begin to find new sources of funding and direct your audience to your website where your art is for sale. 

Sell Your Art Online 

Sell Your Art Online 

The industry of online art has been rapidly increasing in the growing year. Even without the help of social media. 

(Report: 2022 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report)

As the world moves onlines, it’s important that your art is there too.

Whether you create sculptures, watercolor paintings, or even clay paintings there will always be someone interested to purchase. You just have to make sure that they see it. 

By selling your artwork online you will begin to generate interest in your products and slowly begin to increase your audience.

There are various art based platforms that allow you to sell your art in creative ways. 

Or you can go a more traditional route by selling through parties such as Etsy or Ebay. All which are a great way to begin getting your brand into the public eye. 

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Make Merch 

No, you don’t have to be the Sidemen or Rihanna in order to create a line of merchandise. Do you have a cool logo or a new sketch that you think is really cool?

Print it onto a mug or a tote bag and sell it as merch. 

Everyone can make merchandise and sell it online. This is a great, creative way to sell your art other than the artwork itself.

Many small businesses find this an effective way to promote their brand without having to use social media. 

As customers purchase your merchandise they will then spread the word about your products through word of mouth. A traditional, yet one of the most impressive forms of marketing. 

From a tote bag to a coaster, you can really have fun with the merch you sell and the way you incorporate your art. 

Submit Your Work 

While social media is a great way to showcase your art to the world on your own terms, there are other ways to get your art seen.

Many art enthusiasts and organizations allow artists to submit their work for a spot on their website. 

This is an effective way to get your work seen by those outside of your local art communities and can lead to many other great opportunities. 

Before you begin the submission process it is important to confirm if there is a specific theme to the website so any competitions you can enter. 

Final Thoughts 

As social media continues to take over the world, there are still incredible, effective ways to promote your art online without it. 

From creating your art into merchandise to being more active in your local art community, you can easily get the word out about your art without making a single post. 

Perfect for those looking to remain more elusive while still building a brand. 

It’s all about getting your name out there and ensuring you get in contact with the right people.

Check out our online promotional methods above and start promoting your art online without the use of social media!


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