Artists: To Build an Audience, Provide A Romantic Web Experience
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Artists: To Build an Audience You Must Provide A Romantic Website Experience

From understanding site visitor behavior to using “above the fold” space to boost conversions, learn how to build an audience by providing a romantic website experience.

Creating a connection with potential customers is crucial to building your audience and ultimately your success.

People have too many choices; make them choose you.

Pull at their heart strings. Reveal the story behind your art. Pull them in with your fascinating story.

You’re not selling your artwork; you’re selling YOU. And it’s up to you to spread your story.

Find out how to woo your potential customers and build an audience by providing a romantic website experience. Watch the coaching success video below.

Make connections and start converting today!



Video Highlights

00:35 – Importance of creating an emotional connection
00:58 – Why Romance Emails are powerful
02:08 – Example of a Romance Email
02:31 – Proof Romance Emails work (Customer emails)
03:31 – People love to share (Why not your artwork?)
03:52 – Share your Romance Emails on Facebook
04:36 – Importance of your art descriptions – Connect with your audience
05:37 – Customers want to experience your art – Tell them your story
06:00 – Your website is your museum – Provide a heartfelt experience
06:32 – Build an audience at fairs / tradeshows
06:58 – Use teasers to get customers to connect with your art

Notes + Links

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-4-45-16-pmExtra Help – For ASF Customers Only

Go to this special thread in our Private, Members’ Only Forum for further advice and discussion on building your audience of followers and customers.

Video Transcript

Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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