2019 Year in Review

Art Storefronts founder and head of marketing cover three themes of selling art in 2019 that will remain incredibly important for both 2020 and the decade it ushers in.

If you had to pick one word and one word only that is they most important keyword of 2019 and 2020 to come....attention.

With it you can do anything.  It is the coin of the realm.

Topic 1: David vs Goliath; It's all marketing.

At Art Storefronts we have a diverse group of customers. Some of which are big, established players with over 1mm followers on social media, 20+ years of experience, their own Wikipedia pages, magazine features, etc. etc.

Then we have some other folks that are just getting started. They're on their 2nd and 3rd year of being in business.

Here's the mind-blowing part. Both of these groups of people run sales at the same time of year, but in many cases we see the small artists that are just getting started outsell the established players - doing just as well if not better in terms of revenue!


How is that possible? Are you serious?


Turns out it does not matter what size you are, or how established. All that matters is how much attention you have and how effective you are at marketing towards it. 

That's it. Anybody can do it and the caliber of your work — assuming of course it meets the minimum threshold — matters less than the marketing.

Topic 2: Omnichannel Marketing

Let's define it. It's simply taking all of the marketing channels you have available to you; both online and off, and strategically leveraging them to blast your original message and amplify it.

We laid out the concept in greater detail in this podcast episode

Stated another way. You are responsible for the fire. This is the gasoline – the difference maker.

It's the deciding factor as to whether your art or photography is gonna get noticed, purchased, and end up on the wall. Or if it's gonna be a competitor. Wall space is finite.

Moreover, omnichannel marketing is a muscle. Like any muscle it needs to be exercised regularly to reach peak effectiveness.

The video 👇 does a good job of explaining the concept in detail.

What will come in 2020 is more, more, and more ways to workout the omnichannel marketing muscle.

It's a strategy that will make it a year of growth for your art business beyond what you even thought was possible.

Topic 3: AOV

Average Order Value.

Easiest way to understand it?

"Do you want fries with that?"   

You came in for a $5 burger. They asked if you wanted fries, you said yes, and you are leaving with a $7.50 order. They just earned an additional $2.50 for asking and thereby raising their "Average Order Value".

Want to grow your business in 2020? Double it, triple it perhaps? AOV is a fantastic place to start.

Think about what you can add to your product line up. As mentioned in the video up top, painter Mathieu Laca had an interesting idea that has dramatically improved his AOV.

You can check it out here👇

The Next Decade

What could the 2020s look like if you joined Art Storefronts? Request a demo and we will show you.

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