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Holiday Digest – Last Minute Advice for Procrastinators

There’s still time to take advantage of the holiday season. Follow the resources in this holiday digest to jump-start your holiday art marketing.

We’re now already half-way through Black Friday week, and it’s been so great to hear about all of the wins – small and large – from readers of the ASF blog (I’ll be sharing a few of them below).

I’ve also heard from many of you that were not able to prepare a Black Friday promotion in time, and are wondering:

Is it still worth doing?

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Beyond being a fantastic time to make sales, participating in Black Friday is so important because it’s your last shot at practicing a holiday promotion before December begins – a time when many artists make the majority of their sales for the entire year.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together this holiday digest for all of the procrastinators. Jump in today, follow the links in order, and by the end of this post you’ll be in shape to run a last-minute Black Friday promotion.

Warm-up Links

Not up to speed on all this holiday business? Start with these foundational links.

holiday art marketing

7 Reasons Artists Can’t Afford to Miss Out On the Holiday Season >>

Our thoughts on why the holiday season is so critical to a proper year-round strategy for artists, and how participating in it can significantly change your income.

017: The Holiday Art Marketing Playbook >>

In this episode, an overview of the power of holiday marketing with actionable steps you can take to market your art during the holidays this 4th quarter. Pair with the videos in the next section.

[VIDEO] The Holiday Art Marketing Playbook

In this two-part webinar series, you’ll find video walkthroughs for everything you need to run a successful holiday art promotion.

Missed the dates we mention in the video? No worries! You can shape these tactics to fit your specific situation and timing.

In Part 1, learn how to nail the emails on your holiday sale. How many to send, what information to include in each, and when they should go out.

Holiday Art Marketing Playbook #1

More art is sold online in the 4th quarter than any other. If you want some of that art sold to be yours you will need a marketing plan for the upcoming Holidays. We have your step by step guide right here. Learn it, run it, and sell more than you ever have before.

Posted by Art Storefronts on Friday, November 3, 2017

In Part 2, learn how to accelerate your promotion’s success by advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Art Marketing Playbook #2

In #1 we covered the strategy, the emails, and the FB and Insta posts. Today we cover the dates and go through, step by step, creating the ads.

Posted by Art Storefronts on Friday, November 10, 2017

More Resources

art storefronts countdown timer

[new feature] – Countdown Timer to Increase Conversions on Holiday Discount Expiration >>

Add urgency to your holiday promotion and boost conversions with this easy-to-implement countdown timer.

Cyber Monday Email Marketing

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategy >>

Our best advice for Cyber Monday email marketing for art sellers looking to maximize their revenue over the holidays. Strategy, and how to implement your Cyber Monday campaign.

Notable Holiday Art Sales

Huge congrats to all the artists that have reported making sales through their Black Friday promotion! Here’s a few selections:

Congratulations to Katie Fitzgerald for the $469 sale of Counting Sheep.

Katie Fitzgerald Facebook post holiday art sale

Counting Sheep by Katie Fitzgerald

Congratulations to Ronald Kotinsky Photography for the $150 sale of Pink Reflections.

Ronald Kotinsky Facebook post holiday art sale

Pink Reflections photograph by Ronald Kotinsky

Congratulations to Betty Krause Art for the $468.98 sale of The Stories We Tell.

Betty Franks Krause Facebook post holiday art sale

The Stories We Tell painting by Betty Franks Krause

Ask about our holiday sale through the end of the year when you submit a demo request