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what are lead magnets

Explode your email list with lead magnets. How to create one and why you need to.

Lead Magnets explained – a nifty tool to make your email marketing list explode with new contacts. Tips and suggestions with a focus on art-selling websites.

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How to use emojis in email

Make Email Subject Lines ? Pop ? with Emojis ?

An overview of subject line emojis, how to add emoticons to email subject lines in MailChimp, how to check if your subscribers will actually see them, and overall thoughts on if they’re a good idea to use.

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email form

Case Study #03 – 1 Email Pop-Up, 1 Month, 824 Email Opt-Ins Later

The email pop-up, who uses them and why, a case study on pop-ups, and some general takeaways on email capture.

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holiday email marketing

Effective Art Email Marketing Strategies for Holidays

The necessity of holiday email marketing, how crucial it is to art sellers, and our best advice on how to approach it before it’s too late.

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How to Resend Email to Unopens (and why it’s a great idea)

A round-up on email marketing, the case for re-sending email to everyone that didn’t open it, and a step-by-step tutorial in MailChimp on how to do it.

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AB testing emails

A/B Testing Emails: Subject Lines – A How-To Guide for Mailchimp

Defining “A/B test,” how to set up an A/B test in MailChimp, and the benefits of testing your subject lines, and a rant about A/B testing in general.

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The Anatomy of an Art Sales Email

What a good art sales email looks like, some examples, and an identification and breakdown of the major elements.

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Email Marketing Art

The value of email as a marketing channel, how many times a day do you check your email, how much email do the big boys send, and some steps you can take today to get rolling with email marketing.

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art fair lead generation

Art Fair Lead Generation: Building a Contact List to Jump-Start Future Sales

Building a contact list at art fairs and how to use digital marketing to turn potential customers into repeat customers.

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