Mathieu Laca on Running His Art Business with Art Storefronts

Artist Mathieu Laca shares his experience using Art Storefronts to sell both his originals and prints online.

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Feedback from an Art Buyer

Mathieu Laca - Fine Artist

Comment I received today: "Hello Mathieu, Thank you so much for my new painting! just arrived today and is ready to join my little art collection! love the whole experience - easy to order, extra fast shipping and it was great to learn more about you. Love your website ! and how easy it makes to acquire your art! thank you for making the whole process extra special. Best Wishes G****, Toronto"


A Proper Photography Website

Andy Kulchyckyj - Photographer

I've been trying to build a proper photography website for quite some time now. I've tried, Smug Mug, Wix, Square Space and even trudged through WordPress. None of those compared to what ASF offers. I found the platform easy to use and the support has been the best I've had yet from an online company.


Above and Beyond

Kara Towles Bubenchik - Fine Artist

All of the time and money I have put into my art education has shown me everything that I needed to know on how to cultivate my craft, but nothing on how to actually make a living off of it. I have spent more time and money than I care to express on trying to learn how to market my work and sell my work. Finding Art Storefronts and making the choice to invest in myself with them has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made. They have gone above and beyond in setting up a system that is easy to navigate and understand, and their customer service has been a complete dream. I recommend them to anyone looking to advance their art career.


No Longer Guessing

Barb Gonzalez - Nature Photographer

I've been with Art Storefronts for just a few months and finally, I'm getting orders from random online strangers! The Art Storefronts customer success team is amazing. I'm no longer guessing how to market or whether I'm doing things right. Best of all, I don't feel like I'm alone out there trying to sell my art...the Art Storefronts team is behind me to give advice or motivate me. It's an awesome concept. Thanks!


Nurturing the Artist

Lesley Koenig - Abstract Painter

I love having found Art Storefronts. This platform is not just about website hosting. It's about providing much, much more. In fact, vital elements that are missing links in the vast, vast majority of artists' day to day lives--I know it was that way for me! Art Storefronts provides artists with a state of the art website, that includes seamless e-commerce for selling originals and reproductions, while simultaneously NURTURING the artist with fantastic tech support, marketing education created by their team of experts and engagement with a community of like-minded artists who do not think we should starve doing what we love.


My Work is Selling

Jim Pescott - Pointillist Painter

My experience with Art Storefronts has been super right from the very start. Using their platform to build my own website is the best thing I could have done. My work is selling: now I have a viable online gallery. Yet it has also been much more than this as Art Storefronts is very serious about art being sold: my art being sold. So they don't just provide the platform, they do awesome research into art marketing online and share the 'how to' information from this regularly through videos, blogs, a Facebook group, accessible marketing support advisors and more. All this and their research includes insight into using leading edge marketing tools. Art Storefronts simply cares: in the art business today, for me as an artist, this is invaluable benefit.


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