List of Features and Member Benefits

Everything you need to start, run, and grow a successful art business.



Hosting comes included with your website.  You will not need to continue paying for web hosting with GoDaddy or anyone else.

Use a Custom Domain

You can use a custom domain with your website (i.e. We'll help you get everything connected properly. 

Free SSL Certificate

Your site will be secured by SSL with the latest security standards, ensuring your visitors are comfortable making purchases.

3D Secure Checkout

Increases sales by allowing you to accept payment from European credit cards which have stricter checkout standards.

Shopping Cart

With eye-catching design, our shopping cart is based on ecommerce standards your buyers will find familiar and easy-to-use.

Instant Checkout

Increases sales by giving your buyers the option to skip the cart and immediately purchase an item with one click.

Unlimited Pages, Blogs and Galleries

Freedom to organize your collection however you like. We'll also give you tips on what works best.

On-Site Content Builder

A robust "visual" page builder that takes technical know-how out of the equation. Easily select beautifully-designed content blocks that give a high-end look to your website.

Customizable Templates

Controls the overall layout and look and feel of your website. Wide selection for different tastes, all thoroughly mobile-optimized.

GDPR Compliance 

Allows you to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, including being able to export all data collected on a single contact (required in case of a GDPR audit).

Email a Friend

Many art purchases involve more than one interested party (for example a spouse). This tool allows for easy sharing and communication between parties -- because the easier and faster you make the decision making process, the more you art will sell.  

Favorite Lists

Allow your visitors to keep an ongoing list of products they're interested in, making it easy to keep track of what they are looking to purchase with you both now and in the future.

Pop-Up Lead Capture Tool

Powerful, non-invasive lead generation tool, honed over the years to maximize the number of email addresses added to your list each month. Includes automated welcome emails for new subscribers. 

Related Products

Shows other closely-related pieces of your art to visitors as they shop based on our proprietary algorithm.  Keeps your visitors more engaged and maximizes conversion rates.

Recently-Viewed Products

Provides a quick path back to previously-viewed products, decreasing the workload for your visitors to navigate your gallery and make a purchase.

Image Security Suite

We take image security extremely seriously. Each image uploaded is right-click disabled and save-as disabled. We also use automatic web resolution so that your primary, high-res file is never exposed. You can also automatically add a custom watermark to your entire collection for ultimate protection.

Discount Codes

Flexible codes for running special promotions. You can discount by size, media type, category, and more. You can also discount individual products.

Gift Cards

Key product to address gifting. Art can be a challenging product to confidently order as a gift. Offering a range of gift cards ensures you have a way to close the sale if the buyer can't make a decision. 

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

These express checkout methods dramatically speed up transactions and give buyers more options to pay -- especially when they are using a mobile phone -- thereby increasing conversion rates, while improving the overall checkout experience on your website. 

Photo Galleries

Full portfolio functionality for when you want to organize and display images on your website that are NOT for sale. 


Live Room Preview

The first ever in-browser Augmented Reality (AR) tool, it's the closest possible experience to seeing the artwork in real life. Your visitors can change the size, move the image around into position, and most importantly - see the artwork at real scale.

Exploded List of Media Types

No dropdown lists that hide your product options.  An exploded list of media types has proven to increase conversion rates, and the number of items added to each order.

Wall Preview Tool

Pre-loaded with a variety of room settings and the ability to change the wall color (including to any of the best-selling paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherman Williams). A key visualization tool that allows your buyers to see the art at scale – either framed or unframed. Gives interior designers, commercial clients, and sophisticated buyers exactly what they need to make a decision.

Live 3D Media Type Previews

Don't ever assume an art consumer knows what a "canvas gallery wrap" or "metal print" looks like. This feature allows site visitors to see the depth of gallery-wrapped canvas, the sleek edge of metal, etc. so that they understand what product they are buying.

Live Framing Previews

Sell your artwork with a wide variety of pre-loaded frames, all produced on-demand. The live framing preview gives your visitors an instant preview of what the finished product will look like - encouraging more buyers to add on a frame, and getting more people buying in the first place.

Art Gallery UI

After 7 years of revisions and optimizations by our team, we've dialed-in the user interface that art buyers love when they are browsing and shopping for art online.

Sell Prints, Limited Editions, and Originals Side-by-Side

Normally, these types of products are sold on different pages of a website, forcing a visitor to waste their time clicking around to find them (or never even discovering them in the first place!). Not anymore. This feature enables buyers to see every product type available for an image on a single page, so they can buy any one they want on the spot.

Sold Labels

Similar to how it works in the real world, a red "Sold" sticker is automatically applied in the lower right corner of sold out items. This allows you to display the fantastic work you've sold over the years, which adds significant credibility and urgency ("if I don't order it now, it could sell out at any time").

Automatic SEO

Our proprietary algorithm automatically optimizes every image you upload for search engines. Save dozens of hours  and never think about SEO again.

Filter Art by Subject

Your subject matter categories will experience different levels of success over time, and it's critical that your buyers can filter your collection to focus in on what they're interested in buying. We accomplish this with an elegant filtering tool located in the sidebar.

Filter Art by Color

Every image you upload is analyzed and indexed by our color-analysis algorithm. This allows visitors to search your art by color, finding the perfect match for their home or business. This one has proven to be a very popular tool with interior designers and commercial clients who need to match pre-existing paint or furniture colors.

In-Cart Order Bumps

Gives the visitor an option to add a special item you've set up in advance to their cart with one click. This feature is a widely-recognized ecommerce tool that improves conversion rates and increases your average order value (AOV).

Post-Checkout Upsell Page

Gives the visitor a one-time offer to add something to their order, immediately after completing a purchase. Another widely-recognized ecommerce tool that improves conversion rates and increases your average order value (AOV).

Installment Payments with Afterpay

When you give buyers the option to "pay later", guess what happens? You sell more. Don't take our word for it – you'll find Afterpay available from some of the biggest brands in the world for a reason – it increases conversion rates and average order value (AOV). That's why we made sure every Art Storefronts member has it at their disposal. Afterpay gives your buyers the option to pay in four equal installments. The best part is that you still get paid the full amount immediately, and Afterpay handles collection of the payments from the buyer.  

Limited Edition Badge Set

A downloadable set of over a dozen high-end badge graphics to use when creating Limited Edition products and in your marketing. Saves you time, hassle, and allows you to move faster.

Abandoned Cart Automation

A tool that recognizes when people have left something in their shopping cart without completing the purchase, and automatically emails them in an attempt to get them back on track and completing the order.  This feature is another widely-recognized ecommerce tool that improves conversion rates.

Trust Bar with Art Organization Trust Badges

When you check your analytics, you will notice that most visitors to your website are first-timers. So how do you establish legitimacy and trust with them? This is where the trust badges come into play.  

Smart Footer 

A passive lead generation tool that encourages visitors to sign up for your email list.  This will help you build your audience, which you need to be very good at in order to convert more sales and ultimately grow your business over time.

Product Demo Videos

Individual videos for every single media type (i.e. canvas, metal, acrylic, paper, wood, etc.) and every single merchandise type (coasters, puzzles, mugs, t-shirts, etc.) so that your visitors see a real-life example of the product they are looking to purchase. These videos are produced in-house in the highest quality available, and automatically load on your website for the media types you activate, without you having to do any work.

Experience Pages

These beautiful, full-width content pages are easy to build and take your visitors through an experience as they scroll down the page - exploring and learning about your work as they get closer to buying it. 

Announcement Bars

Must-have tool to highlight special promotions and other announcements. Stays pinned to the top of every page of your website for maximum visibility. The tool will automatically rotate between up to three different announcements and the appearance can be customized to match your branding.

Upload to Print Tool

Add a whole new revenue channel to your business by allowing site visitors to upload their family photos, pet photos, etc. to be printed by your print vendor. As an artist, you are an authority on high quality print media. As your audience has printing needs, make sure YOU are the one who captures these sales. Flexible markups allow you to control the profit you'd like to earn from each sale. 

Free Print Giveaway Templates

Small giveaways are one of the single most effective ways for artists to generate leads (new prospective buyers), and so naturally we've made the entire process dead simple with pre-made templates and all the language proven to maximize results. 

Automated Email Marketing

Automatically welcome new subscribers, thank your buyers, invite abandoned carts to revisit your website, and more with a variety of automated marketing emails. All are pre-loaded with language and subject lines crafted from hundreds of real artist success data points. 

Virtual Products

Easily sell non-tangible items like tickets to events, access to webinars, ebooks, PDFs, image or video files, and more. All automatically fulfilled via email to the buyer.


Automated Fulfillment

Simply the finest art print and merchandise fulfillment on the planet. We have deep, long-standing partnerships with the highest quality fine art and photography printing companies and take this extremely seriously.

Custom Branding on Shipping Boxes

A professional art business should have its logo on every box it ships out. At Art Storefronts, yours will. No matter how small your business is, you will look like a pro.

In-House Customer Service

Inevitably, an order might get lost or damaged during shipping. What do you do? Endlessly call/email your printing company, get a new tracking number days later, and have to manage that mess? Not here. We handle all of this for you.

Wide Selection of Print Media

First-class fine art print quality on archival-certified paper, canvas, metal, wood, acrylic, and more -- all automatically fulfilled. You get to pick exactly which media types you want to offer, our software takes the headache out of the entire process.

Wide Selection of Frames

Choose from dozens of styles and colors of frames to accommodate every buyer's individual taste in home decor. All automatically fulfilled. 

Wide Selection of Merchandise

We make offering your images on merchandise much easier than the clunky implementations you may have seen elsewhere. You can offer tote bags, t-shirts, puzzles, mugs, yoga mats, dozens of phone cases, pillow cases, coasters, and more – all printed on-demand and automatically fulfilled. 

Dynamic Image Positioning for Merch

A proprietary user-interface that gives your buyers the ability to customize the size, rotation, and position of your image when shopping for a merchandise item. Leads to more sales by allowing the buyer to create the item they want.

Easy Uploading with Automatic Size Calculation for Prints

Upload one image file and every combination of media type and size is automatically generated on your website.

Dead Simple Media, Frame and Price Management

Take advantage of bulk editing and simple "on/off" switches to make product adjustments simple and fast.

Exclusive Fulfillment Discounts During Holidays

We negotiate these discounts with our vendors to empower you to earn more from every sale during the most important selling opportunities of the year. Plus, use the discount to stock up on prints for art fairs and exhibitions.

Art Calendars with Dynamic Date Selection

Premium 13-month fine art calendars available based on the current month (ie: March 2022-March 2023). Alleviates the limitations of marketing traditional annual calendars.


Art Product Selling Sheet PDFs

Ready to print with all your pricing and size, medium, finish, and frame options. Invaluable for giving clients a comprehensive and transparent overview of their options.

Printable Art Catalog

Multiple layouts available, all ready to print and with QR codes pre-generated for each product.

QR Codes Pre-Generated for Every Product Page

Consumers are now more comfortable than ever with using their phone to scan QR codes that pull up websites (for example the menu at a restaurant). We pre-generate a QR code for every single product so that you can easily download and print them as needed. Our members typically add small QR codes to the tag of each piece at art shows - connecting their physical display with their online buying experience in order to capture more sales.

In-Person Visualization Experience with Augmented Reality

Utilizing Live Room Preview at shows, fairs, and in home or office consultations will be your new go-to answer to popular objections such as "I'm not sure which size to get" or, "I just can't picture how it will look". It's like carrying your entire collection around with you on your phone at all times.

Offline Order Entry and Management Tools

Your entire business, online and offline, organized in one place. You'll thank yourself come tax season.

Live Art Show Landing Pages

Livestreamed art shows are the future of selling art, which is why we provide our members with everything they need to make it happen – from the strategy and education, to this feature-packed page template. Conversion rates on this strategy are off the charts, with many members selling 5, 10, 15, or even 20+ pieces with an hour of their time. 



A proprietary analytics tool that gives you a detailed profile for each visitor to your site – view their browsing activities, products viewed, and purchases. In practice, Detective can be used to give yourself insight into which images a buyer is considering before contacting them. 

Wholesale Print Ordering

Simple back-end system that allows you to order your own prints at wholesale cost, shipped to you for local shows or any other needs.

Art Business Analytics

NO confusing bloat, just the analytics you actually need to grow your art business. Includes our proprietary Conversion Doctor report, which gives you an overhead view of your business's performance at every stage of the art sales funnel. Powerful for diagnosing where bottlenecks may be occurring so you can fix them and earn more sales.

Lightweight CRM

Your business needs a central location to store all of the contact information you have collected and are still collecting. It also needs a way to manage art-selling opportunities, and a sales pipeline -- especially as your business grows and people are contacting you about your work from all directions. This custom CRM is built specifically for an art business owner to make it dead simple to use, and with none of the unnecessary bloat (so that you actually use it).  

Art Buyer AI

A proprietary algorithm that identifies site visitors that share the typical characteristics and behavior of art collectors. If you receive 1,000 visitors to your website, this tool will tell you which 5 are likely to actually buy. These are the 5 you should be spending your time focusing on and wooing.

Art Business Task Manager

A lightweight, integrated to-do list with due dates and in-browser and email reminders. Easily add tasks to keep yourself on track, or keep your team aligned as you grow.


Daily Art Marketing Calendar (7.0)

What to post on social media, when to send emails, how to execute a holiday sale — we show you what to do every single day of the year. The time saved and growth achieved by following this calendar will blow you away. It is as much about what we don't recommend as what we do. Spend your limited time where it counts by leveraging the 7 years of learnings and success data that went into creating this game-changing resource.

100+ courses, 40+ playbooks, and 800+ webinar recordings on every conceivable art business topic. This is everything they never taught you in art school, and it's all created by proven experts. Life-changing art business education.

Office Hours on Zoom

Our premier marketing workshop, held twice a week and hosted by some of the most experienced art marketers and artist mentors in the business. Join for big picture strategy advice and in-depth Q&A that will keep your business moving.

Marketing Launch Workshop on Zoom

A weekly marketing orientation for new members. You'll get guidance on your first month, learn about the first major campaign we recommend for every new member, and receive a personal review of your website by our marketing team so we can point out what's working, what isn't, and what you should change to increase your results. 

Art-Selling Best Practices

We run case studies and collect success data and distill it all into actionable learnings you can put into place immediately. If you've ever wondered "what are über-successful artists actually doing behind the scenes to market themselves?" - you'll learn all about it here.

Art Sales Funnel Checklist

The ultimate resource for understanding whether your website is performing to industry standards, as well as what to do if it's not. Each area of website performance has 5-15 troubleshooting tasks, ranked in order of effectiveness so you can address problem areas with precision. 

Holiday Marketing Playbooks

Complete guides to 15+ major selling opportunities throughout the year. Art sales surge around every major holiday and savvy artists bring a full marketing campaign for each one. Our goal is to make doing this easy, that's why our holiday playbooks include subject lines, email templates, social media language, and more. Everything you need to market your art like a pro. 

Art Collector Lead Generation Strategies

Art buying is an emotional process that takes time. While the inexperienced artist is focused entirely on attempting to generate sales from strangers, our members are focused on the bigger picture – generating thousands of leads that will turn into die-hard fans and collectors over time. These strategies teach you how it's done.

Art Fair and Show Marketing Playbooks

Increase your return on investment from art shows with easy-to-implement strategies almost no artists are taking advantage of.

Pre-Made Email Templates

10+ templates for a variety of purposes from sharing blog posts to announcing sales to distributing holiday gift guides. Just add your language and send.

Instagram Hashtag Calendar

Hashtag holidays for 200+ days a year - use the ones that apply to your subject matter to create relevant content people will be excited to interact with.

Social Media Glow-Up Guides

Simple tweaks to radically improve the first impression your social media profiles make on prospective buyers. Get this right and enjoy compounding benefits over time.


Private Artist Community

A forum to learn from the successes and inside tactics shared by other Art Storefronts members. We’re a benevolent community that is working together to help each other succeed.

Mastercourses Hosted by $100K+ Artists

We invite our most successful members to share their techniques and strategies in these exclusive mastercourses. Learn about licensing from a painter who has sold $500,000+ in licensed work, or pick up tips on selling art commercially from a photographer who's outfitted countless offices and hotels.


Marketing Services

Outsource your marketing efforts to our team with a variety of paid services offered exclusively to Art Storefronts members. We can take care of your social media posts, your weekly emails, or even execute the entire Art Marketing Calendar on your behalf. We are the largest art-specific marketing agency in the world and staff our team with professional marketers experienced in the business of selling art. As you grow and increase your revenue, lean on us to give yourself more freedom to create.

Website Setup and Management

We are well-equipped to make quick work out of setting up an Art Storefronts website according to 30+ best practices. Or, get an Account Manager that will be your point person whenever you need to make updates to your website.


Chat, Phone, and Email Support

If you haven't heard about our amazing support already - read the reviews online. At Art Storefronts, you'll be supported by people who care deeply about your success. 

Technical Support on Zoom

When you need deeper training, join us for one of these Zoom meetings held 5 days a week. We'll show you exactly how to solve whatever problem you're having, and make sure you understand the "why" so it's never a problem for you again.

Marketing Support on Zoom

Detailed help with Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Ads, and Mailchimp. These companies can be nearly impossible to get in touch with when you need help, and so we fill that role ourselves - ensuring you can always get unstuck when navigating social media and email marketing.

Onboarding Workshops on Zoom

Held twice a week, these sessions are your fast lane to getting up and running on Art Storefronts. Join us for guidance and Q&A focused entirely on supporting brand new members.

Support Center

A knowledge base packed with detailed guides on every topic to do with our software. Most articles offer both written and video instruction.

Increased Support Availability During Holidays

Because each holiday brings a surge of art sales, you'll find our support availability increased during these times, not decreased. We will be here to help you when you need it most.

Emotional Support

Yes, we're serious. Whether it's in our private artist community, a Zoom workshop, or our chat support, our entire team is dedicated to keeping you focused and motivated. Building an art business is hard. But the worst part of it is that you historically have had to do it all yourself – operating alone on an island. Not here. We take this community seriously and will do everything we can to help you maintain a success mindset that will keep you moving and GROWING.


Not just another website.
We are here to make you more successful.

We want you to make the most money from your art.
The way to do that is by building your own valuable art business — where you control everything, where you end up with consistent income and have a real business you can retire on or pass to the next generation.

A website is not enough. So we built the comprehensive solution that would get the real job done. All while helping artists save time, money, and headache in the process.

Our mission is to help 100,000 artists to break away from the traditional gatekeepers and solve the starving artist problem.

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